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  1. My 11 y/o son is homozygous for COMT V158M and H62H, MAO-A and MTRR. He is heterozygous for MTHFR C677T, A1298C, AHCY-01, 19 and CBS C699T/A360A. He is having tons of problems with depression, mood, anxiety, etc. He refused to go to school 4 days last week. He also has Lyme and Pandas. We are working with a functional medicine dr and put him on Prozac last week but now I'm reading that an SSRI with his COMT mutations may not be the right way to go….that maybe an SNRI is a better option. After 3 days on the Prozac he seems more irritable than before. Can anyone help?
  2. I am also interested in any suggestions for a cheaper but still effective probiotic. My son is currently taking VSL#3, however it is costing us over $200/month. This is obviously not sustainable. He will be starting treatment for lymes disease and therefore will still need a very strong probiotic.
  3. Thanks so much...good info about going slow. My guy isn't the best at detoxing so detox support will be important.
  4. My 10 y/o son was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease. He also has Pandas. For the most part he hasn't had any classic lyme symptoms but we tested him because of the Pandas. We recently consulted with a naturopath that treats Lyme Disease and these are the medications recommended to start with. I'm looking for any information about these different abx, experiences people have had with them, side effects experienced, etc. He has taken azith for the Pandas but has never taken Cefdinir or Metronidazole. With school around the corner, I'm worried about starting him on this protocol and hav
  5. My son was diagnosed with Pandas in April and I recently got tested. My ASO is 276 (ref range 0-330) and my Dnase is 405 (ref range 0-120). What does this mean? Do I need abx treatment?
  6. Thanks, Dedee. I have an appt with a naturopath dr on Friday that specializes in treating lyme.
  7. My 10 y/o has aspergers as well as anxiety, pandas and lyme. Our biomedical dr suggested we try homeopathy for the anxiety and so we have been giving him Anxietin and Synaptol twice a day. The dr said that even though our son doesn't have adhd (Synaptol), the two have been know to work better together in treating anxiety. Since we started using theses products 10 days I have noticed our son is a bit more emotional and irritable. Does anyone have experience with these remedies? Has anyone seen a negative reaction at first? Our dr said that an initial negative reaction may not be a bad thi
  8. Thanks to everyone for your responses. Hopeny, we lived in Michigan most of my son's life until last summer when we moved to Minnesota. We have a woods/pond in our backyard here and the tick population in the area is pretty high. It does make more sense that he was exposed prior to the pandas symptoms started but he too never had a rash, bullseye or tick that I know of. What treatment do you think is best? In the last 2 months he's done a round of zith and a round of penicillin for the pandas as well as a round of flagyl for clostridia. I hate the thought of more abx. Thanks again
  9. My 10 y/o son was diagnosed with Pandas in May. His symptoms have greatly improved with antibiotic treatment. We recently tested for Lyme (no symptoms yet) and received his results yesterday. I don't talk with his Dr until next week so I was wondering if anyone can give me a heads up as to what the results mean and what sort of treatment I can expect? IgM results **23-25 kDa = Ind **31 kDa = ++ **34 kDa= Ind **39 kDa= Ind **41 kDa=+ **83-93 kDa= + All non-double starred bands were negative. IgG results **41 kDa=+ All other bands were negative. As I think back ov
  10. My 10 y/o son had strep Nov 2012 and was diagnosed with Pandas in April 2013 after severe mood swings, depression, irritability and aggression started. He also has anxiety and Aspergers. Waiting for Lyme testing results. We treated with zith and penicillin for the pandas and also did a course of Flagyl for clostridia. Titers were at 1140...trending down but only at 1080 now. All of his symptoms are much better. The only tic he has is a vocal humming he makes when he watches tv or plays on the computer. Is that normal to have a tic only at a certain time? Dr suggested we try Augmentin bu
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