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  1. My 9 year old son has been behaving incredibly strangely. I have been researching PANS and I am fairly certain he has this. I took him to an infectious disease doctor from a reputable children's hospital. He was an older doctor, perhaps in his 60's. I brought along my sons therapist and my son just did his normal thing while in the exam room. The doctor looked at me and asked me, " what do you want me to do for you?" SERIOUSLY? Look at my child, he cannot be happy, he is miserable he cannot control himself, help him, give him the antibiotics that may help him." The doctor told me that PANS did not exist. He said my son had severe behavioral issues and I needed to place him in a hospital setting that he was only going to get worse, he explained that is would be best for me to have him institutionalized. I could barely breath. I said that I wanted the Penicillin. He reluctantly wrote me the prescription. He has been on it for 2 days. I swear I see a change, ever so slight, but I see something. Where does one find a doctor who treats this? Why don't doctors help? I also have read that the use of penicillin might not be the best choice for all individuals with PANS. Which means I now must find another doctor who can oversee my sons treatment and be willing to switch out meds if need be. Are there any doctors in the North East Region of PA that anyone knows about? This poor child is in such distress. What is the average length of time for the meds to kick in and work?
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