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  1. Thanks for your reply. We do keep lights on when in front of a screen but it doesn't make much of a difference. The issue seems to be 100% the glasses. When she removes them her tics are basically reduced to the occasional eye squint. Really unsure of what to do at this point because she is adamant about wearing them because she sees better. Have been to optometrist and her prescription has changed slightly so I think we will just purchase new glasses and see if it makes the difference, perhaps like in the case of your son.
  2. I am wondering if anyone has noticed an increase in eye/facial tics when their child is wearing glasses. My 10 year daughter has mild tics on a daily basis but when she puts on her glasses which she needs for distance although she likes to wear them more and more often because of the clarity - she has very strong facial tics. If she is watching a screen they become even stronger and include head and neck movements. She obviously needs her glasses (they have an anti-glare coating) more often than not and I don't know if maybe a tinted lens would be better. I would appreciate hearing your experiences and/or suggestions.
  3. We have found that gluten free for our 7.5 twin daughters has been very positive. In Jan. we eliminated gluten completely and found that in one, tics diminished and in the other, anxiety and facial grimaces were also diminished. One was totally carb, but I found out that by switching things around in my pantry, I am able to bake all kinds of very good breads/english muffins/muffins/cookies/pancakes/waffles etc. and suffice it to say I have never been an inspired baker. Terrible, quite frankly but now I am whipping things up every few days! The pasta is easy - brown rice pasta is the same as reg. - just have to rinse it with hot water when it sits in the colander. I am happy to pass on successful recipes if interested - saves you the trial and error! Ludenberg rice couscous is a great couscous alt. and rice is a saviour. There are tons of gluten free crackers that are yummy and glutino makes pretzels that are way better than anything I've ever tried. I am finding dairy much harder because I have 2 cheese-oriented kids. Not too sure that it is making any difference yet so still experimenting for one more week. Good luck! MEBS
  4. Hello out there! I am a mother of twin girls, 7.5 both of whom we suspect have Tourette's. Both girls began to present with a variety of symptoms last June including motor, vocal tics, moderate anxiety and mood swings. Those were very difficult weeks as we processed our new reality and just tried our best to support them without calling much attention to what was happening. We decided to wait to see a neurologist, fearing it would be too much too soon for them and have spent the year learning as much as we can. I think it was the right decision. I am pleased to say that they have had a good year. Both girls have some good friends, many interests, and are doing well at school. They have been gluten free since January and it seems to have helped a lot. It has been a quiet and calm 6 months in relation to their tics and anxiety but things seem to be ramping up again for one daughter especially just in the last two weeks. We are going to try cutting out dairy when the last bag of milk is done to see if it makes any difference. We have also just begun some supplementation with Magnesium. I am wondering if there is anyone in Toronto on the forum who has had a positive experience with any professionals (environmental physician, allergist, naturopath...) as we are feeling a bit overwhelmed and do want to seek natural treatments for the children. Another thing I am wondering is if anyone has some insight/experience with regards to an increase in tics while reading or being read to? I am looking forward to being in touch with other parents and sharing experiences on the journey ahead.
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