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  1. Yes, my DD caught a cold about one month after her PANDAS onset, and she was herself for nearly a week. I began to think we were out of the woods As she recovered from the cold, all the symptoms came back. At that point I began to wonder if perhaps her immune system was distracted with fighting the cold instead of attacking her brain.
  2. My father-in-law was an electronic engineer. He was recently taken to a neurologist who said he likely has Asperger's.
  3. Thank you so much for all the helpful advice and info. I am so amazed at the level of knowledge you all have about this condition. If only more pediatricians were so informed. Mayzo, I would love it if you could find an article for me. I would love to share it with her pediatrician. I'm curious though that if low titers indicate that strep antibodies are not the trigger for PANDAS, why did the symptoms show up during her strep infection? I am still wondering if giving her the natural antibiotics could have anything to do with keeping them from rising. If a child goes through a round of ant
  4. I actually have read of some kids having a decrease during fevers. My daughter has always had many of the symptoms she has now, only the have increased dramatically since her strep infection. In the past when she has had fevers, they have made no difference in her symptoms. This time she had an upper respiratory infection with no fever, yet we saw her symptoms decrease almost to what they were before her strep infection and it lasted nearly a week.
  5. My daughter recently has been exhibiting many PANDAS symptoms since a strep infection in April. About a week ago she came down with an upper respiratory infection. During the time that she had it, she had a large decrease in her PANDAS symptoms. She was almost back to her typical self. At first I thought that we were out of the water until another strep infection came along. However, the last few days her symptoms increased again. What I am wondering is, could it be that the antibodies that were attacking her brain were diverted to fight the new infection? I know it is probably way more co
  6. Thank you so much for the help, I do believe in my heart that we are dealing with PANDAS. It was difficult losing the support of her doctor. It was also difficult to have her school administrator look me in the eyes and tell me that I know in my heart that is she has a mental illness. She advised me to set up an app. with a neurologist, psychiatrist, and OT. Her doctor advised me to take her to a psychiatrist. I want to take her to someone who understands what is happening to her and how to treat her. We live in a small area and I don't know of any doctors in our area that treat PANDAS. I
  7. I believe my nine year old dd has PANDAS. Her doctor first suggested it as a possibility when her behavioral issues were going through the roof everytime someone in the house had strep. She had never been diagnosed with strep before this time. The first time she was exposed was when she was four months old, and my husband was diagnosed with it. We have always homeschooled her so her exposure beyond that has been limited. In January we found out that a friend of hers that had been visiting the day before had come down with strep. A few days later my husband and I caught it. I was sick in b
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