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  1. Oral use my son is already having magnesium baths as prescribed by a biomedical doctor he sees.
  2. Has anyone tried using tissue salts to help with TS? My son is almost six, unmedicated, diagnosed just over a year ago. He is seeing a biomedical doctor and is having treatment to gently remove heavy metals, in particular copper which was toxic levels. The treatments so far have really helped heal his gut, and strengthen his immune system, but has done nothing for the TS. Tissue salt wise, I'm looking at Calc Sulph, Kali Mur, Mag Phos and Nat phos.
  3. I think there can behaviours like drug addiction which often happen in people who have ADHD, poor impulse control, behavioural issues, mental health issues. Both your daughter and her partner may have had these disorders, undiagnosed. TS fits under the same umbrella as disorders such as ADHD, ASD etc, so it is more likely that your grandson has inherited his parents genes that have presented in TS with him. Ofcourse there is not enough research done on the effects meth and disorders in children who's parents used, so anything is a potential. But IMHO, I would assume parental drug use was self
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