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  1. Hello-- I can concur that it takes time. Our son was diagnosed by Dr. Latimer last May and received IVIG in early June. She warned us that it might take as long as 6 months for the IVIG to take effect. He has been on Augmentin since May and will continue it through the school year. His primary symptom was OCD and attachment anxiety. We couldn't take him to school because of his panic attacks. So we chilled last Summer after the treatment, and then to help him with re-entry to school in the Fall we started him on a low dose of an SSRI. We were reluctant but felt we needed to help him
  2. I am so sorry to hear about your son's condition. We are going through a similar experience with our 6 year old son. Pediatricians were not helpful. We found Dr. Elizabeth Latimer in Bethesda, MD and she diagnosed him with PANDAS. He was treated 3 weeks ago with IVIG and is on Augmentin. There has been no improvement yet, but we remain optimistic. Also, the NIH is conducting an IVIG study this summer in Bethesda. You may qualify. Best of luck! OBDad
  3. Hello-- My son, OB, was diagnosed on May 7 by Dr. Latimer in Bethesda with PANDAS. His seems to have stemmed from a Strep infection 8 weeks earlier. OB is 6 and his behavior changed overnight. The most dominate issue is severe separation anxiety. He simply couldn't stay at school. His anxiety grew to major panic attacks and after 6 weeks we finally withdrew him from school and all extracurricular activities. We were so relieved to meet Dr. Latimer and finally receive the diagnosis after weeks of doctor appointments with pediatricians and other practitioners that hadn't heard of PAN
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