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  1. Hi all, You all definitely need to read the book, Minding My Mitochondria by Terry Wahls, M.D. in which she chronicles how she reversed her MS (multiple sclerosis), finally bypassing supplements to concentrate on real food instead. She has a 17-minute TED talk that gives overview. She has an extensive overview of nutrients and how to supply these with real food. The body does not produce GABA from food--but many foods are precursors to the (neurotransmitter) GABA by supplying glutamic acid and glutamate. Please see this link to get an overview of foods to promote GABA product
  2. Hi Logismum, I agree with the other posters--I would not give this supplement to my child. The human body is incredibly complex and food is always your best bet. Read the work of Terry Wahls, M.D. as she worked to reverse her MS (Multiple Sclerosis)--after near disablement for 7 years, she is going on 18 miles bike rides! She first started with vitamin supplements, then bypassed this in favor of real food that supplied real nutrition. www.terrywahls.com Her work applies to all of us on this forum as well. I would go to whfoods.com (World's Healthiest Foods), click on colorf
  3. P.S. to my above post. We took our son, during our visit, to one of Michigan's so-called top (?) "Movement Disorders" neurologists-- I've never wanted to strangle a doctor in my life, but I came close this time. The doctor was very arrogant when I asked reasonable questions, he examined D and proclaimed it to be a "motor tic." In essence he said, you'll have to live with it, or we can try drugs (which can cause irreversible damage). That was the only option--terrible drugs. He basically dashed anything else we asked him about: massage, physical therapy, diet, nutritional deficiencies,
  4. Hi JPH, Please see my extensive post in the category: Updates from members--Successes or Not Our son is now in severe ticcing--which worsened when he began living on his own, in college, etc. and they can involve almost his entire torso. It is completely frightening to watch and we had no idea it had gotten so bad until we did a recent visit. (He is living several states away and just completed college.) You will need to get totally immersed in this. In the post I recommend relevant books to buy, as well as immediate steps to improve diet: no gluten; no casein; limiting any
  5. Hi all, Our son, D, began a mild tic at age 10 and we were frantic--took him to two neurologists who said he would "out grow it." And, over the years when I, his mom, could help control the food and environment, we did ok. We noticed a huge link between allergies; digestive problems, and ticcing--all problems that D had. And now research shows that the immune system may be impaired in those suffering tics as well. Our son D has been living on his own, many states away and we knew his diet had really gotten bad--lots of fast food, and pizza with friends. He is not a drug user but
  6. Hi all, Yes, from what I am reading, there is a profound link between allergies and tics. In fact it seems that motor tics, allergies (food and environmental, such as pollen) and digestive disorders go hand-in-hand. A lot of new research also links immune disorders to digestive disorders. Would highly recommend these two books immediately (hope you don't mind--I'm copying this from a previous post I did). The book by Dr. Semon has an important chapter on allergies as well. The treatment, in a nutshell, is elimination of the worst diet offenders: all gluten, casein (milk produc
  7. Hi Sheila, Wow! We found out the hard way that it is exactly the sulfites, sulfur dioxides, and sodium benzoates that are a huge problem in asthma. When I first married my husband, in 1986, he was on two inhalers for asthma! But for the last 26 years of our marriage, he has been off of the inhalers. What did we do? I believe we stumbled (through trial and error) and, without knowing it, reproduced results that you are now citing. First, we allergy proofed most of the house: took out old carpets, took down old drapes, encased mattress/pillows in dust-mite proof materials, etc
  8. Hi Logismum, If you are dealing with any kind of Candida issue, you must read this book: in the worst cases (Stage 4) Dr. Semon will treat with Nystatin in very small doses (a naturally produced, nontoxic, anti-fungal actually produced by bacteria.). At the same time, all foods that contribute to Candida yeast must be eliminated from your food choise. According to Dr. Semon, you can't put out the fire with water, if you keep putting fuel on the fire! An Extraordinary Power to Heal by Bruce Semon, M.D. with a Ph.D in Nutrition. He pulls together research in Candida yeast (wh
  9. Hi Wombat, Not sure what you're going through, assuming this is for digestive problems, since it's in this post category-- and I don't know specifics about the tests your doctor is ordering. But if you are going through any kind of digestive disorder (that can effect so many other body systems) I would highly recommend these two books (along with Sheila Roger's book: Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette's). Wheat Belly, by William Davis, M.D. A practicing cardiologist, his book pulls together all the recent research on the dangers of gluten in our diets and how this is cau
  10. Hi All, I have read several postings about Restless Leg Syndrome ticcing. My husband has RLS, and I know he is able to stop it. I asked him to comment: he is in his 60's and has had it most of his life. Maybe his experiences will be helpful to those of you who do not want to take drugs to control this. He writes that it is mild--but when he goes off of his regimen, he is kicking all night long while he sleeps! For the most part, he is very healthy, and truly has an amazing diet--nearly vegan, with canned Alaskan-caught salmon 2-3 times a week, with lots of vegetables, some nuts
  11. Hi all, I'm new to this forum, but I have read widely and would like to offer some observations. I am dealing with a family member, Dan, now in mid-20s who has motor ticcing of truck, legs, arms, that has become, now, quite severe. This developed when about 10--and seemed to wax and wane. It would definitely get worse with Red food coloring and junk food (Twizzlers were a nightmare and could set him off immediately). When he was at home, I could adjust diet and things were better--but now, after college and junk food existence, etc. we seem to be back to square one. I am a former sc
  12. Hi, thank you so much for this website. Is it possible to start a new topic that would deal with recommendations for doctors;neurologists;naturopaths; environmental doctors, etc. for specific locations around the United States? We are currently in Mid-Michigan (Lansing Area) and am struggling to find a doctor who understands tic disorders and treatments without powerful drugs. We have been very disappointed in visit to a Neurologist who simply said that only treatment would be powerful drugs with horrific side effects. I have read enough to know that there is hope and we are taki
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