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    frikfrak got a reaction from emst in Biome Restoration...Helminths   
    Glad to hear things are going well.
    Our doc also wants us to do this for our DS 24. Still haven't decided what to do yet.
    We also have been approved for 1 IVIG so far....thinking of going with the IVIG because I too can not get over the ick factor and we have treated for parasites several times.
    Heard this was the poor man's IVIG but if its life-long then how is that inexpensive.
    Wouldn't IVIG be better if offered?
    Doesn't both do the same thing?
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    frikfrak reacted to trintiybella in What supplements are helpful for Bartonella?   
    I need to try hollistically to kill this bartonella. Can you tell me some supplements that are helpful to do this? Also...do I need to see a hollistic person to do this??? Any advice is helpful.
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    frikfrak reacted to LNN in Methylation for Dummies   
    A friend who knows my passion for methylation sent me this link http://autismnti.com/images/Website-_Yasko_Education.pdf that seems pretty helpful in simplifying a complex topic. It does a pretty good job of explaining why it's so essential to the immune system and for proper functioning of neurotransmitters. It's 18 pages long, so I can't post - but it has some good, easy to understand diagrams and ties a lot of complicated ideas together in simple terms. Here's an excerpt to give you a flavor and encourage you to click on the link:
    #9 BH4 (Tetrahydobiopterin), or “ The Better Health 4 Life Industry” BH4 (Tetrahydrobiopterin) Cycle —“ Better Health 4 Life Industries” Though controversy exists regarding this cycle’s function, Dr. Yasko’s theory indicates that The Big Motherflipper (MTHFR A1298C)may drive this cycle in the reverse direction and several independent studies support this finding. This leads to a chemical exchange among BH2 to BH4, a multi-purpose product that is used in both the Waste Facility (urea cycle) and BH4 Industry. Within the Better Health 4 Life Industry, BH4 produces chemicals known as neurotransmitters, or neurotalkers (NTs), including Dopamine, Serotonin, Melatonin,Norepinephrine, and Epinephrine. NTs are central for the communication between nerves and cells as well as stabilizing the crisis response mood and sleep cycles. Chronically low BH4 levels increase the risk for ADD/ADHD, bipolar disorder, OCD, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and many other quality of life issues. Think of this company as AT&T with a philanthropic twist since it donates BH4 to the Waste Facility for environmental clean up as well as supporting the community in health & wellbeing. The Waste Facility uses BH4 to clean up toxic ammonia and generate nitric oxide, an element that keeps blood vessels open and free of plaque. Yet if BH4 is scarce, it cannot clean up waste or deliver vital nutrients to the Power Plant It's a quick read and worth bookmarking for reference.
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    frikfrak reacted to LNN in Methylation for Dummies   
    I've used this as a helpful guide http://www.heartfixer.com/AMRI-Nutrigenomics.htm#BHMT:%C2%A0%20Betaine-Homocysteine%20Methyltransferase
    It addresses all of the genes Yasko looks at.
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    frikfrak reacted to 4Nikki in Methylation for Dummies   
    I have no idea if this helps because the links have all this stuff I've not see before so I did a look up.
    Methylation Made Easy Part 1 of 4

    Methylation Made Easy Part 2 of 4

    Methylation Made Easy Part 3 of 4

    Methylation Made Easy Part 4 of 4

    Additional Link
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    frikfrak reacted to EAMom in new article on PANDAS (from Canada)   
    Really good read!
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    frikfrak reacted to melanie in Seeing Dr J today   
    Hes getting the 1 g per kilo ,Hes 129lbs (lost a few lbs) gets 60 g every 21 days .She said its a higher dosage than most theraputic dosages and really feels that higher dosages are not a good Idea,Even if I go to Dr B what is he going to do? She is totally always there for us,I have her cell phone number for goodness sake.She 1 of the top immunologists and shes in NJ.My insurance company covers everything 100% with her.Shes through a huge hospital UMDNJ.Im not even sure that 1..5 is that much better.Everyone seems to be doing more infussions than the 1 .I also think are kids are sooo different.Mine is 16 so hes older and he also has ASD .Some of the kids dont.
    What do you think about the inflamation idea?
    Peg if you have that article Id live to see it
    Thanks for being here ,everyone\
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    frikfrak reacted to Christianmom in Anyone's child taking augmentin xr 4000 mg.?   
    Yes, and possibly his homeopathic remedy will be more effective after KPU treatment as well. We are also looking into mold and heavy metals. I would be happy for ANY improvement as my son has been sick a long time. But he is in great spirits and is handling it all very well, though there is very little he can do. Almost nothing he can do alone.
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