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  1. what is the difference from Omega 3 and Omega 6? its all so new to me too.. bygrace
  2. Im am trying to recall what is ok to give my children in the form of B-complex and Calcium. I have purchased some vitmains from Rainbow LIght Just once.. The food based B-complete has: b1-50mg b2-50mg b3-50mg b6-50mg folic acid-400mg b12-50mg biotin 300mg b5-50mg choline-42mg inositol-50mg paba-50mg rice bran-50mg rice bran extract 4:1-25mg spitulina-30mg elecuthero root-100mg the calcium has calcium caronate, amino acid chelated, 500mg magnesium 250mg Vitamin d3 100iu stinging nettle tops 20mg horsetail whole herb 20mg spirulina-20mg glutamic acid HCI 20mg they take a multi vitamin, but I want in to increase the b's and the calcium.. for help in calming the nervous system down. Plus for my middle child to increase her appetite anyway we have 8yr 7yr and 5yr with Tourettes, and hyperactivity, and possible auditory processing disorder. The youngest has poor sensory system, unable to regulate or modulate from extremes. He is our body slammer, hight falling, spinning all day child. thanks for any insight you can offer. The reason I ask is if these tabels appear too strong, can I half them and give them to the kids. So I can still take the large pill and we can all as a family share in it. thanks bygrace
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