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  1. I have another question for the vast panel of great orthomolecular minds. For someone who has high histmine, the consensus is that Folic Acid is to be avoided. Some add B12 to that list. OK, got it. However it is quite clear when histamine levels drop - Does one continue to avoid these two nutrients when one is in a lower histamine state? Other supplements. I have seen that Larson suggests DMAE for Histadelia yet other sources (including Pfeiffer himself, I believe) say that it is downright harmful. Hmmmm. DMAE is a choline precursor. Why would that be a thing to avoid? Not quite getting this...... Anyway. I am hoping that someone who has read all of the books on these matters, and apparently there are several of you, can brief me on all of what is to be used and what is to be avoided in cases of high histamine and the attendant mood/learning issues. Another question while I am on the subject....Some sources say that methylation over- or under- is genetic. Does anyone know of any proof of this? It seems somewhat speculative. Alright, that'll put a few of you to work for a bit.... Thanks, C
  2. Hi Group, Does anyone have any first hand experience in reducing allegies and/or candida for the purpose of improving mood, learning, mental function etc? I have just been found to be allergic and/or intolerant to several foods that I eat pretty regularly. Go figure. After a couple of days of avoiding the offending foods I am starting to feel somewhat better. The simple logic is that if you drive down or eliminate the histamine inducers things will improve. All pretty logical. So far so good. I have addressed the candida issue for many years but I apparently aggravated it with the use of two antibiotics last spring. So does anybody have some good news, experience or information in this area? Another issue that is pretty disappointing is that the ND found ALL the of supplements I take, except Vitamin C in the form of (calcium ascorbate) to be "intolerable." I was even shown to be intolerant of the SAMe. I have been taking too much or something. Anyway, does anybody have some ideas in this area. C.C.
  3. Orthomolecular, I was curious about that Niacin test as a way to determine high histamine? Where did you learn about it and what is the basic biochemical reasoning? Is it reliable? I happen to flush pretty dramatically at 60 mg which is the lowest dose I have. So this indicates what? Seeking
  4. Orthomolecular, You seem to have a great deal of practical knowledge of the the nutritional issues surrounding histamine imbalance. I have been through most of the the big online sources (which is how I came upon your posting) but there might be more out there. Are there any other forums or groups where this in being discussed. If you know any links that might not immediately turn up in typical searches, could you pass those on to me. What is the definitive set of systems you use? Whose diet/supplement regimen is the most reliable in your opinion. Any major ideas, tips or blessings? I am in week one and I am feeling okay. I just learned about this after years of chasing my mood problems in every other direct. I am going to a ND for some tests on Monday. Aside from the niacin test you suggested (which was positive for me) are the any other good indicators or test that you know of? Thanks, Seeking
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