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  1. Hi, I have 3 children, (girls) my 17 year old, has ADHD, and my 13 year old also. My oldest daughter who is 20 years old, has been very close with her sisters, she doesn't have the symptoms for ADHD. My oldest daughter and her father, (my ex-husband), at their house, has "not" seen any signs of ADHD in my two youngest daughters. My 17 year old, was on "Ritilin" 10mg., when she was 13-14, this made her very sleepy, so her doctor took her off of it, and didn't prescribe her with anything else, and she hasn't been back to her doctor since, for ADHD. My ex-husband claimed that she doesn't have ADH
  2. Hi I can relate to your problem, I'm 46 also. I always had ADHD, since early childhood, I had problems with forgetfulness, and I have serious mood swings, I took "Strattera", which made me feel sick, and I felt sleepy. Before, I took "prozac" for depression, this seemed to work for me, but I quit taking, because with the "Adderall XR", you will have the mood swings, and other symptoms, taking both, my doctor told me. My question to you is, "Are you going through menopause ? This sounds like with me, I had a lot of mood swings, because of menopause. My doctor told me, it was best if I just took
  3. I just started taking "Adderall XR", my doctor prescribed, 2 weeks ago, I am in my 40's, I used to take "Dexedrine" (5mg) once daily, and this was in 1996-1997. I haven't taken anything since then. He told me that this is a form of "Dexedrine", this really worked for me back then, but I having some problems with my dosage on Adderall XR, because I'm taking "20mg" to start with, and after 6 hours it doesn't seem to be working for me, and I am really tired afterwards, I go to bed really early like 7 pm., to where I'm so very sleepy I cannot stay awake. I take at 5 am. and I start work at 6 am.,
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