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  1. Well, after a little back and forth, i stumped the doctor and have been referred to the mental health people Oh well, we'll see how it goes. Apparently, it may be linked to depression?????
  2. Well, saw the doctor and he has never come across it before. Not unusual. He did say not to label it as OCD just yet though as it's not to that point. He really couldn't say what meds, if any to prescribe and is going to look for someone who has dealt with this before (adult psychologist) . He was interested in knwoing what others were prescribed though. So, if you're pill pushing, do share with us all :-D
  3. I think i'll ring the doctor in the morning and make an appointment. This is keeping me from enjoying talking to people as it is all i can think about. Thanks for the advice. i didn't think it would be anything the docotor could help with. I'm not at all bothered about the stigma that goes with taking meds, its the taking them i can't do!
  4. Hi, just found this forum and i'm glad i'm not the only one. My mind is crammed to bursting counting the numbers of letters in sentences with a prefernce for groups of 3 letters. Often altering the sentence by spelling it differently to fit my need of groups of 3. Even writing this, i can't stop doing it. It's driving me crazy! The groups of 3 especially in names seem to put me at ease. HELP, i'm going nuts!!
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