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  1. HI all, I have a fifteen-year-old daughter who has periodically suffered from an eye rolling tic since she was about 6-7. I learned early on that l-carnitine will stop it within a couple of days so it has never been a big issue for us. Every few years it comes back, we give her l-carnitine and that's it for another few years. This last time it came back, however, the l-carnitine hasn't helped. I suspect it's because she needs a much higher dose than before because she has grown so much, but I'm struggling to find the correct dose. She's already up to 4000 mg per day and I'm kind of nervous to go higher. Do any of you have experience using l-carnitine for tics in teens or adults? I don't know her exact weight, but I would guess it to be around 110-115 lbs. Thanks for advice you have.
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