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  1. Hi - Thanks for your response (and no offense taken)! The reason I didn't give her antibiotics for the ear infection right away is because I know that most ear infections clear up on their own....and I took her in just to confirm that it was indeed an ear infection and not something worse. So, I generally fill the prescription, bring it home and wait a few days to see if the ear infection goes away on its own. If it doesn't, I give the antibiotics. My pediatrician agrees with this approach. Both of my children have food allergies and sensitivities (my DS is 6 and has severe, anaphylactic allergies) so I try not to give them if not necessary (and I try to do my best to get lots of good probiotics into them). My daughter is gluten free, about 98% dairy free and on a low sugar diet. To my knowledge she has never had strep. She did have a cold and complained of sore throat a few months back, but it wasn't bad enough to bring her in and it (seemingly) resolved on its own. Makes me wonder, now that you mention it though.... The only other thing that really raises a flag to me is her recurrent bouts of impetigo...she had 3 within a couple months. And yes, since I have the amoxicillin on hand, I just wondered if I could/should try it as a test (and it makes perfect sense that if it doesn't help, it doesn't mean much, really). So do you think it is even worth my time trying to get the ped to order any kind of testing? She is at the point where she doesn't want to eat/drink liquids because she knows its going to make her have to urinate. Arg! Thank you for your suggestions...I will start the process of looking for a PANDAS specialist. We are in Southern CA....
  2. Hi All - I just joined and have been looking around on this forum...so much great information! My dd (age 4) has had a rough couple of months. Started with behavioral changes (defiance, extreme moodiness, anger, aggression) and around the same time began having "toileting issues." She has had more accidents than she ever did in the past and most concerning she has been obsessing about wiping. She says she still feels wet, returns to the bathroom to wipe more, complains her underwear are wet (when I inspect them, they are completely dry), etc. I took her in last week and they tested her urine and it came back fine. I ended up taking her in a few days later for a possible ear infection...ped said it was pink and prescribed antibiotics. Well, since I don't like to give antibiotics, I held off for a few days and today she was obviously feeling better (fewer complaints of ear pain, no fever). So, she was prescribed Amoxicillin for her ear infection. I haven't given it to her...but if I did, would this be a decent test to see if would help her wiping issues (ie, would we possibly see wiping issues decrease if she carried strep)? Or, should I bring her in to see if her ped would order a blood test for strep? I'm guessing he will think I'm crazy but I'm willing to try...just not sure if there is a better route to take? Or, am I crazy thinking that this is really an issue...perhaps this is all developmental? FWIW, she has been fairly healthy, colds here and there, several ear infections but not all have required antibiotics. She did have 3 separate outbreaks of impetigo about 1.5 years ago but nothing since then. Thanks all for any advice you can give...I appreciate it!
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