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  1. Oh no, that was me reading into the paper weird I think...bands and Western blots but tubulin is always supposed to register at 55 kda and my mind went automatically to Lyme and band 58...No idea if they are related... Our CaM KII isn't close to SC range either...I just need to find time and call the lab I think...
  2. Nickelmama, was your son ever tested for Lyme? In the paper above that I'm re-reading it says Tubulin reacted at 55 kda...our IgG WB showed positive for band 58 so I wonder if they are related. Norcalmom, I haven't seen anything with regards to SC and specific levels of tubulin...
  3. Hi everyone: This is my first post and I've been searching and reading a ton of the older posts, especially regarding the Cunningham Panel test that's finally been released as a diagnostic tool. Looks like a lot of you were able to participate in the original studies too! We just got our Cunningham test back for my son and it says "likely" but I'm curious about one particular piece because we had a higher result. D1: 2000 (normal range 500-2000/mean 1056) D2: 2000 (normal range 2000-8000/mean 6000) Lyso: 80 (normal range 80-320/mean 147) Tub: 4000 (normal range 250-1000/mean 60
  4. Buster, do you still have a template in excel that you are using to track behaviors? I would love to see it so I can start tracking DS's stuff. If not, I'll try to make one on my own. Thanks ;-) Lauren
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