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  1. I'm new to this forum -- so I hope it's ok to be jumping in like this. Has anyone here tried neuro-reorganization therapy or neurofeedback (specifically Brain Paint) to alleviate raging, anxiety, etc? We've been in a neurofeedback routine for 9 months with great success. My child does not rage - however - our therapist treats kids who DO rage (violently), and has had tremendous success. I'm not as familiar with neuro-reorganization, however, my friends who have done this have also had wonderful results. Something to consider. It is non-invasive, non-medical treatment that might be acceptable for children who do not like to be touched, etc. It does require electrodes put on the scalp - so for some, that would be a no-go of course -- but there are now neurofeedback programs/equipment you can purchase for at-home treatment. There's even an iPhone/iPad/iTouch app! Not as thorough of course as having the full treatment with a skilled therapist, but it's better than nothing.
  2. Todd -- your message really got to me. To think that my son has also thought that the fear of harming us was so alarming he thought he should take his life to keep us safe has been earth shattering. I do understand your distress at the invasive, unwanted thoughts. While my son still has breakthrough thoughts/images - he is doing pretty darn good. His psychiatrist has classified his OCD/Anxiety as a pretty serious case, too, so I think he's been very lucky to have found the right combo of meds & a therapist who has been diligently administering neurofeedback therapy. If you have a chance - look up Brain Paint - and read up on it. The creator has the very same ocd/anxiety disorder that my son (and you) has - and he cured himself by immersing himself in his own program until he got it right, and his symptoms diminished. It may not work for you - or do as much - but it is so worth a shot, and is certainly better than doing nothing or finding a way to be at peace with "what is". Please keep putting one foot in front of the other, and keep fighting this. People have found relief - yours is out there somewhere, too.
  3. Neurofeedback therapy (specifically a program called Brain Paint) has helped my son tremendously. As well, he's on Luvox, with a small small dose of Risperdal. He has the identical invasive thoughts that most in this thread have discussed. All the same bizarre thoughts of being gay (when he's very attracted to women, to say the least), thoughts that he's killed us (his parents) - via stabbing, thoughts that he's run someone or some thing over on the road, etc etc. Pure OCD, sadly. But he's very managed at this point -- the thoughts and disruptions to his brain have gotten much relief from the combo of meds (which he's lowered himself just a bit), and the neurofeedback therapy. If you'd like more info on the NF - and you're in the NorCal area - I would be glad to give you info on our therapist who provides this therapy. She's amazing.
  4. Please look up Encopresis, if you haven't already. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/encopresis/DS00885
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