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    My son was diagnosed with strep and after 10 days on antibiotics, two days later his strep symptoms started again. An overnight culture revealed he was still positive and they put him on another antibiotic for 10 more days. Two days after stopping this last antibiotic (this past Monday), he started opening his mouth like a fish often, and more recently started jutting his jaw out to the side. I know these two simple tics are not as dramatic as most of what I've read about PANDAS, but I the correlation to him having strep is pretty apparent.
    He did have a nose scrunch tic about this time last year (and he had strep 4 times last winter, but by the time I figured out it was a tic and not a true itchy nose it had stopped).
    I have a call into the doc, and will get an appointment for early next week.
    Any advice? Is this fixable?
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