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  1. Thanks Marianne,

    I find that so interesting, and good that you feel you have got to the bottom of what makes his tics flair up. I too, had noticed taking away offending foods (we did the Alcat food sensitivity test), he did stop the head shaking tic (the most obvious one) fairly quickly. So I am banking on corn and yeast as being his big trigger. He does have infractions now and again, but I try to keep them few and far between, although lately he is not being very cooperative. So I have to watch, and I do see him doing a little neck stretching at night, its subtle enough, but that's my cue that I better not build up the bad stuff in him or that could get worse. And its seemed to work, I mean it hasn't escalated into anything more than that. I'm not sure he tics right away to anything, I kinda feel for him it is a buildup (bucket filling up) and his reaction could be next day or so after digestion has taken place, you know?


    You mention the flax oil, the funny thing is that was the one food he test HIGHLY senstive to, and I had been giving him that for about a year! So, I attribute that to some of his problem--so no can do!



  2. okay, good, you are doing the right thing by requesting a blood test for kidney function.

    (BTW, did you ask doc what/why he thinks infections could be from?


    As far as the strep goes, yea, I would always be concerned if you know it is there, because it is my personal intuition that it could cause a flair up. BUT, if you had the test done for titers, and it was not an issue, then I wouldn't harp on that unless something else specific happens in the future.


    If he is doing better now, than that is great. I would not stop doing what you are doing. Supplements should not do any harm unless used in excess. I would go through whatever you are giving him and just look up each supplement and what the adverse effects of each could be, just to ease your mind. I don't think a bladder infection is too uncommon, (I recall a girl in my son's class recently had that).


    As for the tics, when you say he had six things going on, and now he is much better, I am really inclined to believe that the dietary clean up and boosting of immune system with supplements is partially responsible. Do you keep a diary or journal documenting what you do and how things work out? I'd be very interested to know how long after starting down the path that things started to improve. Remember, "healing" takes time, sometimes more than just a week, although gradual improvement could start as early as a few days.


    I wouldn't worry too much, I'm sure this infection will clear up pretty quickly. Keep up the good work-just look at where you are right now--not six tics going on, right?



  3. bmom,

    forgive me, I'm not really clear on what you are asking advice for. Are you concerned about the bladder infection being caused by supplements you are using? Or are you indicating that nothing is seeming to help with tics? Although I am getting impression that after starting the kids calm, he slowly improved after short period of bad? Could you please clarify his current status, and what you attribute that to? I mean, if he is currently doing well, perhaps all you have done concerning diet, etc. IS having an effect. What are you currently doing in regards to diet--still eliminating wheat/diary? You say no food allergies--what type of testing did you have?


    Also why are you worried about strep--is he having a flair in tics? You did say testing was negative for PANDAS? And he is starting amoxy, right?


    sorry for all the questions, the post is just a little confusing to me.




  4. Interesting.....yes, and pears are low in salicylates too if that is an issue (Feingold Diet). I use an organic pear juice from healthfood store for my son and was mixing his vits in there when I had to. Another good juice seems to be "Pure" by Tropicana. It comes in a plastic bottle in orange/mango and pomegranite/blueberry. I just like it for him because it doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup, but it still has to be very limited because it does contain natural sugars. We just use it to mix vits.



  5. Michele,

    You say your son will start kindergarten in September? Just curious, does your school do a registration/pre-screening for the kindergarteners? I think that is held in May at our school. If so, how did that go? That is where they will probably notice any obvious issues.


    I wouldn't worry too much about preconceptions. Believe me, there are going to be quite a few other kids who will be diagnosed ADHD. And I know of a couple of moms who just had to get that diagnosis even though they are not positive it fits, in order to get the proper services and extra help their child needed. If there are any behavioral issues come school time, the teacher will let you know (probably lots of phone calls!) I mean, you could just wait and see what happens, but I would definitely start to get your ducks in a row just in case that becomes an issue. I know it feels hard right now, but I truly believe the school will want to make sure he gets the help he needs. I think one of the things he may get is an "aid" who shadows them and gives them the extra attention and help with schoolwork that they may need in the classroom, but I believe they don't make this obvious, the other kids don't know the other teacher is there for someone specific, they are just an "assistant". ... . Maybe most of this will settle before school starts.



  6. Michele,

    I think this is what you are referring to:




    Michele, in one of your posts, I thought you said that your child "tested negative to strep and titers."

    How did they come to prescribe penecilin if that was the case? (Maybe I misunderstood, but curious how that came about). Also, could I ask if you have eliminated any junk type foods for him? I really think you should try something like the Feingold Diet or at least start eliminating obvious high sugar foods and juices. I remember when my son was in nursury school, a classmate was having some behavioral issues and the parent was telling us that they took him to the neurologist and they realized he was used to drinking several juice boxes a day, so the neuro suggested they cut that out and saw a big difference in the hyper behavior. Also, try to find that book "Is this your Child" by Doris Rapp at your library. It has alot of interesting insight. Have you called the doctor about your son's possible reaction on this antibiotic? ... :unsure: ... Hope things settle down soon.



  7. Lenny and Colleen,

    I am just wondering about the tonsil thing now. How does having tonsils removed or big tonsils have an effect on weight? I don't believe my son has frequent infections (really hardly ever that I am aware of anyway) and PANDAS testing was negative, but the Dan doc did say he had big tonsils, and he is a lightweight for 8 yr old, and he breathes (snores?) pretty loudly when sleeping (he recently slept by a friend's house who was minding him and she said she could here him breathing from the other room. Just want to know for future-- always good to have knowledge.




  8. Hi Marianne :unsure:

    It is so nice to hear your heart smiling again, and so glad your son is doing well.


    Of course, (as is my usual MO) I must ask a few questions of you!


    Could I ask how long after you eliminated certain things (especially the fish oil) did you notice improvement? When you say certain foods, i.e. milk, beans, etc., triggered more ticcing, did you just assume because he had consumed that recently, or did you challenge it a few times (I mean, had you seen the same thing happen everytime he had milk or whatever?) I have some suspect foods and stuff, but I am always too scared to deliberately try a real challenge test, I get too worked up when he flairs up. I really want to put him back on fish oil, but am worried, as I don't positively know if this causes flair up, but it seems to when I was using it, so I just don't. Also, I noticed on other post you said he takes Evening Primrose Oil? How long have you given that, and does he do well on it? But does that have Omega 3 or just Omega 6?




  9. Patty,

    My mom's prescription just says on the vial "Potassium CL" 20 mg. (I am just guessing that is potassium chloride?)


    And my son gets potassium in his liquid mineral kit by Body Bio (given by our naturo to replace minerals that could be lost with chelation-we use a gentle natural product called Metal Free). It says on the bottle "contains potassium phosphate" in an aqueous (water?) solution." (dose is 40 mg.). (its drops I put in his juice along with other of the trace minerals).


    Hope this helps. Also, let me know if you have started any of the water you were mentioning. I'd be interested to know.



  10. Hi Patty,

    Why does the chiro think your son needs extra pottasium? Could he recommend one? My mother recently had a blood test that showed she needed that and was given a prescription potassium by her doc. Could you just ask the clerk at your vitamin shop what is a good one to try?


    P.S. How did you make out with the water you were inquiring about? Did you start using the magnesium type water you were mentioning? We are using alkaline water for my son, and from the reading I've done on it, I feel its a good thing for him.



  11. mommyof2,

    I think this has to be dissolved in hot water first. (I use a similar product called SuperMag).

    I microwave about a 1/2 shotglass of water in a cup (about 15 seconds) then add 1/2 tsp of the product and let it dissolve (2 seconds), then add a splash of pure orange juice (or other acceptable fruit juice, for us not one with high fructose corn syrup). I don't think he will detect the taste of the product. My son routinely drinks this a.m. and p.m. Trick is to just let the amount he has to swallow only be a few sips, otherwise if you add too much juice, it will take forever for him to finish it and maybe some of it will be wasted.



  12. floridamom,

    Yes, just to clarify, when I say eliminate certain foods and food groups, this is just a trial to see if you see any improvement with the elimination of things that could be a problem for your child. It is alot of trial and error. And this may take a while. For instance, corn products seem to be a problem for my son, but these don't show up immediately. Could be next day or so or just after consuming too many in short period of time. My feeling is that small amounts here and there may not be a problem, but when it starts adding up, then its not good and I have to cut back. We have had the Igg type testing, so I have used that as a guide.


    When you said some of the increase in tics started after school ended, did you mean this year or last? And what kind of dietary changes did you mean? Like, less structered meals and more summer indulgences like juices, ice cream and junkfoods? I ask because that could indicate that if she started to consume much more of what she may be sensitive to, then the overindulgence could have contributed to the increase.



  13. Trubiano,

    Sorry you are feeling so helpless right now. However, it seems you have gotten over the first hurdle in finding doctors who did the testing and confirmed this is an issue for your child? Just curious, if they prescribed the penecilin, what makes you feel they don't know what to do? These doctors must know something about this or they wouldn't have prescribed the penecilin.


    May I ask how you got to this point? It seems you are ahead of the game in having the antibiotics and they seem to help at least with the tics. Maybe the injection is too far apart? Why injections and not pill form? Is the behavioral and OCD very bad? Are you in a big city? If so, you may not have to go far to find someone more knowledgeable.



  14. Nadine,

    I don't know much about the intradermal testing, is that for food allergies or environmental? I can tell you my son had the Igg type testing by blood, and it has seemed to be beneficial in that removing foods he tested highly sensitive to seems to have had a positive effect (not 100%, but definitely better). In my opinion, I would recommend that to anyone considering it, if only to provide some direction when you can't seem to find any in other ways. I was desperate for some answers, so at that point, I didn't care how much it cost.


    Also, we did do environmental testing where he had minute injections of the allergens (probably about 20). He was 7 and handled it pretty well. It did hurt to be injected so many times, but as Carolyn points out, the nurse was really good with him. He did cry a little, but he knew we had to do it. I would just find out a little more on the accuracy rate and benefits, and then weigh your decision.


    Good luck


  15. Welcome Floridamom,

    My son is now eight and we have been using the natural treatments for little over a year now. I am still on the path, but I think we are currently doing pretty good. I am always a little tongue tied on what to advise new parents who are asking for advice, because you will be finding out about many different subjects and issues as you read over many of the posts. So... I think the first thing I would suggest is to read as much as you can about the things that interest you, and then read some more.


    I tend to lean towards cleaning up the diet as an absolute first, and that means removing artificial everything, and try to cut out as much junk as you can. Stick to whole foods for now, like oatmeal, cereals from healthfood stores, fruits, vegetables, and cut out obvious "fake" stuff like juices with high fructose corn syrup, candy and even fast food for now. See where you stand after a week or so, and then you can begin to eliminate certain food groups to see if that has any effect, as in the "elimination diet". As far as supplements, the first thing to try is probably the magnesium (kids or natural calm as mentioned above is one that many here use). Whatever you can do to heal any irregularities of the systems of the body, I believe, will probably have a beneficial effect on the reduction of tics.


    Have your daughter's tics always been around, or does she have bouts where it disappears for a while? You say she is shoulder shrugging right now? Has she ever had any vocal tics? Also, have you ever tried any type of treatments or diet control or meds?


    And I am just curious, as you say she is 11, has she recently had any vaccinations? That is something we were discussing here recently for that age group as a possible trigger for exacerbation of tics in some kids? Thanks, I am sure you will find some answers here. And please ask as many questions as you like.



  16. Hi Lenny,

    I'd be interested to know what the "drops" are too? Our naturo has never mentioned this type of thing. Please let us know what it is and how it works. (I have a feeling of what it might be made of, so am curious.)


    P.S. We also buy some products from our naturo, and yes it can add up, but I feel confident that their products are probably the best as far as purity and potency. If they help my son, then its well worth it in my opinion.



  17. Hello Florida,

    I was going to ask the same. So ditto on the above. Would you mind telling us how you have managed your son's (and daughter's) symptoms til now? How did you come to know about keeping away from chemicals and additives? Is this episode unusual for him, I mean is this the worst you've experienced?




  18. Petb,

    When I was in the 3rd grade my teacher told my parents I was retarded, and I spent a week in the hospital having my brain scanned. When it was all over the DR. told my mom to tell the teachers they were retarded, there was nothing wrong with me. (had to repeat the 3rd grade anyway)



    Tho my husband would tell you different he hates it when I give directions. (don't know my left from my right) I point... drives him nuts. :P







    I just had to tell you...this made me laugh for 5 minutes straight out loud, I couldn't even finish reading the rest, just the way you matter of factly stated that! I could just picture the doctor saying that with a straight face! :)^_^


    And the part about the directions -- Again, cracking up about the pointing, I do that ALL the time, and just did it today too, for the same reason, I know which way is right and left, but I need a few seconds to figure it out, so I just point not to seem stupid....hubby gets so impatient! I can't believe we even have ThIS similarity!





    Yes, interesting info, I had read that before--I believe Caryn led us to that link when we were talking about corn pollen a few weeks ago. (I remember those little arrows at the bottom).



  19. Kim,

    thanks for that reply. Yea, I guess that's what I'm trying to figure, if using something like Benydryl would help out with histamine response, if that's what is happening. Being that it is a med, I don't want to cause any other problems. Just as a note, I had a follow-up visit with our naturopath and I mentioned about that experience of the day with more tics after school and my husband cutting the lawn, and I specifically asked if allergies and histamine response could have an effect (trigger) the tics, and she said "absolutely". So, I mean, I know that we all are slowly learning that, but it was good to hear my own doc reiterate that for me, because we had never really talked about it. Right now, we are going to do the wait and see, but she did tell me of a natural product that she uses there (called D-Hist, I think) that as she explained that works on stopping the mast cells from releasing histamine in the first place, rather than the way an "antihistimine" works. Forgive my explanation, but that was the gist of it.


    I like what you say about not one thing being the answer for all of this -- I have to come to understand that all these things we talk about are all things that seem to be important and the easiest way to explain it that our kids bodies need to be in balance, and anything that may compromise the immune system or agitate the nervous system is what we need to work on. Could be so many things, the human body and its systems are quite complex. That is why there are so many areas of concern and so many topics to touch on--there are so many things in today's world that are having adverse effects on our health. So when a newbie signs on and doesn't know where to begin, sometimes I don't even know what to tell them, because it all depends on what is the key for their child--in other words--what are the issues that are causing an imbalance or compromising their immune response? I am still on this path myself. On the outside, it may look like they are perfectly healthy, but obviously the tics are a "symptom" of something awry, and yea, it is a bit of challenge to find what it could be......


    Now I AM getting off topic :P And I am so glad to hear you state that your boys have seemed to sail through the last couple of years without too much strife, although they do have mild tics here and there? Again, that should help us all to breathe a little easier (although not sure I ever will :)) that someone who is dilligently practicing what we preach is having a positive effect. ^_^



  20. Welcome Mary,

    In reading your post about your son, I'm getting the feel that his tics have been somewhat on the mild side? I mean if you have always just thought they were little habits, that is making me think his tics are not too severe or noticeable to others? Then I'm thinking maybe you have been on the right track all along without even realizing it. You state he hardly eats junk food, doesn't watch too much tv or video games, has had craniosacral work, etc. , maybe that is why? Just a thought.


    I wish I could answer some questions, but I don't see any direct questions. Please let us know how he does on the magnesium supplements and if you want to know about anything else.



  21. Calicat,

    Interesting observation. (but could be coincidence) But, I'm one who kind of leans towards being intolerant of certain foods as a cause of some problems, although I don't know if that kind of intolerance causes immediate reaction. But, have you ever perused the book by Doris Rapp, "Is this your Child"? It deals with food and environmental allergies being possible causes for behavioral problems in some kids. You could probably find it in your library. How is she doing right now? Still ticcing more and the behavior? Brave enough to challenge the ruhbarb again in a few days? You never know, maybe this is something that does not agree with her. (ruhbarb is listed as moderate in salicylates).



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