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  1. Hi guys I caught lyme at 11 weeks pregnant but didn't know ND then found out at 30 weeks about the Lyme and then took 1500mg amoxicillin from then on and have birth at 40 weeks. I know lyme can be transmitted and acute infection is more likely... I just wondered if ten weeks of treatment may have been enough on prevent and or treat lyme if it has passed to him . My doc says the baby would have been very small at this stage mate 3 or 4 pound and that te amoxicillin would have passed the placenta and help get rid of Lyme if it hd passed . I am still in treatment He seems so healthy ND happy but I always worry that he might have lyme and I'm not resig the signs or something What do guys think? Maybe I caught it in the buck of time ? Maybe ten weeks is a good amount in utero? Xxx
  2. I'm still treating as I have a few lingering annoyances .... Is Lyme classes as chronic if I had it for 5 months with no treatment ? Or would it be longer than 5 months . I thought in my head that although the 10 weeks wasn't enough for my body .. It would likely help a 7 pound baby as the Amox passes the placenta and would have gone directly to him ( if le did exposé itself to him) .. Do I make sense
  3. Thank you. . Di you think 10 weeks of 1500 mg amox a day at the end of pregnancy could have benefitted my son?
  4. Hi guys I have not used this forum much to post but its a great source for me and I always look on it Anyway I ha an undiagnosed Lyme during my pregnancy .. I got bitten early in pregnancy and got diagnosed late pregnancy ... In the end I had 10 weeks of amoxicillin Anyway my baby boy seems healthy as is really a happy chappy . I always worry about Lyme and if it transmitted to him. Somedays I live in denial and then it hits me he might have it. I had the placenta tested via pcr which was negative and cord pcr negative but who knows how accurate this is. Anyway how do I stop worrying ? My understanding is even of he has it I wouldn't treat him until or if symptoms show . Has anyone ha a child that hasn't had Lyme even f you had it during pregnancy ... Basically I keep pending on the what ifs and I'm going a bit crazy
  5. Thanks for the replay guys ? Kole ... Did you treat throughout your pregnancy with your newborn
  6. I only treated last ten weeks of pregnancy even though I got bitten week ten - so for ten weeks I didn't have lyme ... Then got bit and had lyme for 20 weeks and then treated with what research tells me Is an average dose of amoxicillin - so technically half of my pregnancy I had untreated lyme and the other half I was either not infected or being treated ( could have been in adequately treated ) ... Do you think he could have escaped it ? I always heard getting bitten in pregnancy is much worse which was my scenario Hope/ how are your children doing? Do you live normal lives or is lyme a big big part? Are thy congenital
  7. Thank you ! What abx is your little one on ? Do you the antibiotics helped even if only 1500 mg daily of amoxicillin ( pregnancy safe )
  8. Basically joined another forum and have been acres to death almost made to feel like life is not worth living . Anyway I wondered if anyone would mind sharing lyme history of their children , the treatment they have received and progress made or outcome ? Also if you and your children are living a relatively normal life Thank you
  9. Thank you! I'm sorry about your son. Is he in treatment now ? X
  10. Thanks for the replies Does anyone believe its possible to have a healthy baby even when mother has undiagnosed active-infection? Does anyone know how dr j came to the 50 50 conclusion? I'm part of another forum and these women have been treating themselves as their children for years and non of them are improving it seems by the posts .. This scares me . They all lead a pretty bad life and have a 'life isn't worth living' approach again this scares me . My whole thinking is reviled around lyme at the moment and I can't escape that mentality
  11. Thank you for your hopeful reply. The child you had born with it what symptoms presented from birth? Thank you
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