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  1. Thanks for all the posts. She did really well Post IVIG. The second day she did get a headache for about 8 hours and vomited, but it wasn't a horrible headache and the upset tummy came and went quickly. Now we wait for positive change, after 1 week we have stayed the same. She was low energy and irritable the first two days, then bounced back to her baseline pandas self.
  2. We have a PANDAS DD5, her main OCD is fearful eating. She has just a handfull of foods that she is willing to eat and we need to get her on ABX. She is very taste sensitive. We have liquid and chewable ABX. right now she only drinks water and mostly eats simple carbohydrate foods. Not a way to hide it at this point. Any other parents out there that have been in this same situation? Wondering if there are any probiodics that are tasteless? Thanks to all, JoshuaD
  3. I think most of my suggestions have been covered already on here. One thing that was really good to get my daughter psyched up for the IVIG...there is a youtube video by a little girl named Sera, three months post-ivig where she talks about it making her better. I had my daughter watch this (though I stopped it before the end where the screen lists a lot of symptoms, some of which my DD doesn't have -- I didn't want her to start fixating on other things that might crop up other than what she already had!). It really gave her confidence in the medicine and gave her the courage to overcome fears
  4. Just completed through Dr K in Chicago. She did well physically with the treatment (today is the first morning after the 2nd day) Mentally it was hard on her. She is a fearfull eater, no foods we can mix abx in at this point and wont take pills. Hoping for a positive reaction to the treatment to get her willing to take supplements and abx
  5. Greetings, We have IVIG scheduled for our 5.75 year old daughter this week. Been at this Pandas/Pitaid thing for 2.5months. Seems our story has been told on this forum 1000 times by other parents. Any advice to help the two day process go well? Thanks for your time, Joshua
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