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  1. Rag2177, It sounds as if our sons have very similar habits. I don't know if you read about my son (he's 9)in earlier posts, but he too, recently told me that he counts letters not only while people are talking but on the wall, within the books he's reading, signage, etc. He also has some other number issues as well. He is also a very bright child and is constantly moving and talking. He's always been that way. He talks nonstop (even in his sleep). Does your son have any tics or involuntary twitching? My son does, but it's very mild. I took my son to the doctor and he suggested not to worry about it unless I see that it's interfering with his everyday life. I, too, can see his little mind racing while we're talking to him...now I know that he's counting our words. I don't see that it's affecting him in a negative way; however, he has asked me to find a way to help him stop. I still haven't figured out how without medication (which we're opposed to for now). By the way, the doctor doesn't consider this TRUE OCD unless it interferes with his daily routine. Have you taken your son to the doctor? I'm looking forward to hearing from you. sbechtel
  2. In response to KOALADEVIL, I'm not even thinking about putting my son on medication; however, HE has approached ME to help him stop doing this and it's my responsibility as a parent to figure out how to do that. Not only does he count letters, but we recently found out that he counts in multiples EX: 7+7+7 until it equals 100, but he knows that it never will, so he begins with 23 +7+7+7 so that it'll = 100. He can do this with any #. He can also count backwards by any multiple you give him (from whatever # you give him). Ask him to count backwards from 1000 by 36, he can do it. He can also group letters like I've never seen before. He groups them in 100's before he turns a page while reading. He said when he counts letters, he doesn't actually have to translate a word into a number. It ( the # of letters in a word) just appears in a long line and he squishes it together to come up with the answer. I think it's a talent that is pretty incredible! He asked me to ask one of you if you'd be willing to e-mail him. He's feeling a little odd about this and would like to talk to someone who does this as well. Would someone be willing to e-mail him? Thanks! Susan
  3. I'm so happy to find this site! My son, who is 9, just told me that he "counts words while people are talking". I sort of blew it off because I've had a "numbers" thing as long as I can remember; however, I didn't realize the extent of his counting until I said a sentence and he said, "that was 43 letters" (literally within seconds of me finishing my statement). Unbelievable! After quizzing him a few more times, we've decided that he may need some help as he also counts letters while he reads. The crazy thing is, his reading comprehension is great and he's getting all "A's" in school. He has dealt with minor tics since he was about 2...the doctor chalked it up to a habit or stress. But, now after doing some research, I'm convinced that he has OCD. Any suggestions on getting him to stop doing this? Does it effect your daily lives? Is it truly compulsive? How do you add the letters so quickly? Do you visualize each letter? How does this begin? These are questions he cannot answer...can someone help? Thanks.
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