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  1. Thanks Chemar, the OCD side of things hadn't even occurred to me. Would you have any suggestions how to help her in this situation?
  2. Hi everyone. I haven't posted for a while as things have been moderately ok. However for nearly 3 weeks now my DD10 has been either humming or singing every night in bed. It's not always the same song but she defiantly has to do it, it keeps my other daughter awake, we are having to put her in another room to sleep. She has had humming tics in the past and am wondering if this could be a new tic? I think it is a tic but the fact that she sings/ hums different songs confuses me.?
  3. Thanks for your replies. Yes the thought of TS has definatly crossed our minds. Most of his behaviours by themselves I guess I thought was just a stage, however all together they made us think. Also with TS I guess we were expecting the typical eye blinking, sniffing ( as our DD had ) or something along those lines, Can TS begin to show itself without these trade mark symptoms?
  4. Will try to make this as short as possible. Our daughter was diagnosed with TS last October after displaying vocal and motor tics since the age of six. We also found out that her great aunt also had tics. Our son started preschool this year. At the beginning of the year he told me that whilst there there was something in his leg making it move and he couldn't stop it and the teacher had to hold his leg down. This happend only a few times then every thing calmed down. He has had a slight stutter that comes and goes, our other daughters speech therapist told me to keep an eye on it. That was a year ago and it is still happening at random intervals, he speech is also quite bad so he is now seeing her as well. A few weeks ago he asked if he could help with setting the table etc ( he is a sweet boy ) he and I were left at the table talkin. I can't for the life of me remember what we were talking about, he said something to me, I said, " why is that mate?" the reply was - because I dont like myself, he burst in to tears and ran into his room:( he then kept saying that he wanted to break the toys he dosent play with, I said we could give them to children that don't have many. This upset him again and he said he loved his toys. For a few days after he kept saying he wanted to break his toys, when I asked him where this was coming from he said his head. He Bodley told me that he wouldn't let it win?! Since then I have noticed an increased in hyperactivity and emotion though only at home. He also does a lot of hand flapping when thinking or answering questions. His teacher also conformed the hand flapping but neither the speechie, teacher or myself believe this is autisum. The other night my husband noticed his toes crossing over themselves and he said this happend sometimes. I asked him if his legs had been moving, he said no but his head had. I eventually got out of him that it wasn't jerking but the actuall skin was moving. We have booked in to see the same OT that our DD is seeing as he as issues with fine motor skills/ sox etc, and a pediatrician, however I am beyond words with worry:( I have also noticed that he sometimes squeals, screetches or yells for no apparent reason, again only at home, and repeats words or fraises heard from someone else or the TV. Though this happens only after the fact. Any thoughts would be so great fully appreciated. X
  5. When our daughter was diagnosed last year, her phsycatrist asked me if I had notest her ticing in her sleep, I hadn't , he said that she probebly does. I had never seen it until by accident one night when I went to check on her.....and there she was...having full body tics! I have also noticed that when she has waxing periods we find her in very odd body posture positions. I'm sorry I can't comment on the sleep apnea side of things, has your son been diagnosed with ts( my apologies if you have mentiond this before) ? We found that a strict bed time rituall helped with sleep time. Epsam bath, followed by a chapter or two of a book, gental massage then bed, helps sometimes with sleep. Not every time but some times. Even a heated wheat bag to drap on herself has offerd comfort
  6. Tomorrow my daughter has an appt with the orthodontist. After reading so much tics increasing after visiting the dentist I am quite concerned. Should I mention that she has TS? Are they certain treatments or methods that can be used that would be less likely to trigger tics? Cheers Lee
  7. Actually had a look at the video link yesterday! Am going to have a sit down with the principal about it all, make ( not suggest ) my daughters teachers watch it. Also putting together a folder of info with highlighted suggestion on ways to help and learning areas that are of concern. What is the school system like in QLD? Did you encounter many issues? Am grateful for your help. It's nice to know we're not alone:)
  8. Thanks Chamar, will go over the info:). Unfortunately we are in Darwin Australia. It is a small place and knowledge and recorcess are limited ( trust me, I've been looking!). T.S is also on he school listing for learners support. I have been pushing for help since the end of first term, yet other students without diagnosis of any kind have gained an ISA. I know this as I myself am an ISA at the school. It is soooooo damned infuriating to watch. They tell me it depends on funding, not for this year but next!! I just want t o make them see what it's really like. I've researched, given information. I actually broke down at work today in front of another staff member because I'm at such a loss at what I can do next. Apologies for the vent, I just want the best for my daughter and with every thing I do....it's getting me nowhere fast.
  9. I am feeling extremely frustrated at the moment. Just because my daughters tics are quite minimal at the moment her teachers seem to think all is well. I am trying to make them understand that there are so many other area that effect her, as we all know, and that these can be more debilitating then the tics themselves. Would anyone know of any links, books or info that I could access to show the school? I am fighting for an ISA for her at the moment. She fits the criteria, has the diagnosis of ts, recommendations from OT's and phsyciatrist, yet because she is not disruptive( opposit actually as she goes into shut down mode at school due to sensory issues) I feel they don't think it's a priority. Any help would be wonderful Thanks Lee
  10. Hi all. It's been a while since I posted anything. My daughter has been going through one of those lovely waining periods.......joy:) and it has been so nice to see her confidence and general happiness return. When I see her getting anxious we have been giving her natural calm and Epsom salt baths. Theses, I have to say, work wonders. Tonight however she was very excited due to horse riding. We thought she was asleep but eventually came out saying that there was a wistling noise in her head that wouldn't stop?? We asked her if it was like ringing in her ears, she said it was not like that at all. I'm not sure if I'm just being paranoid. Has anyone else experienced or heard of a similar thing occurring? Cheers lee
  11. Hi Vanessa, Is this something that can be done at any naturopathic practice? Being in Darwin our options are extremely limited so this seems like an awesome opportunity. Did they also help you work out a diet plan for you son or offer you any other options or support? Lee
  12. Hi logismum, Was looking online today and came across an aus Internet seller of natural chewing gum, mints and tooth paste! There called Xlear Australia. Good luck
  13. Our dd has a few vocal tics that can be quite loud at times. I understand what you mean when you say messy tics, however they are more to do with her speech. She tends to stumble over, mix up or stutter certain words, it frustrates her and 9 times out of 10 she just gives up. She also likes to pop in a repetative word every now and again. I have been giving her chewing gum, when appropriate, as it gives her something to focus on and her mouth something to do. Her OT also said that this is a good calming method. Might be worth a try:)
  14. Yes, she is 9 now had the surgery straight after she was born. Spent 2 months in hospital and has had no problems since( re bowel ). Our friends daughter,born 3 days after our own also had gastroschisis , just a much more severe form. Whilst she doesn't have TS I have noticed that she has Intense fears that someone in her family will die. These keep her up at night and stop her from doing things like sleeping over friends houses. She also has sensitivities to food, so much so that if she really dislikes the taste of something she will eventually make herself sick just to get it out.
  15. Hi all. Just curious...... Our daughter was born with gastroschisis and has also been diagnosed with Tourette's. I have only ever come across one study on looking for a possible link between the two. Am wondering if anyone else out there also had gastroschisis and what your thoughts are about this???
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