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  1. No I haven't found that vitamin yet. I did try a google search nothing came up. I might have to find a local naturopath to possibly get it. Thank you
  2. I'm new and I have 2 boys that have TS. 13 and 7. The youngest we are struggling big time with behavior problems at school. Not mean but he struggles with finishing work, talking, goofing off , focusing, staying still and listening to the teacher. We have become so frustrated and are trying to find ideas to encourage better behavior with positive reinforcements. We have had to imply negative consequences but its not helping. I need some input I'm ready to pull my hair out and I'm sure is he frustrated as well. Our oldest never really had behavior problems so this is new. I also posted a question regarding adding new multivitamin to help them maybe, cognisense or any thoughts? Thanks so much!
  3. Hi I'm new! Where can I find the cognisense vitamin? I would like to try it with my boys they both have Tourette's and I think this might help them.
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