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  1. I have no knowledge of NAC but i have had the study saved in my favourites for a while waiting for the study results to come out, I hope it's good news. Do continue with yoru investigaing of allergies etc though, It's all part of the puzzle Look forward to hearing more updates from you about the NAC
  2. I posted over int he diet and gastro section but no replies yet so just reposting here. Just wanted to start a topic on Candida as i could only find really old posts but none of them answered a question i have. I i have been giving DS 6 a homeopath/herbal product called candaplex that a natropath recommended and thats sold in our local health food shop for roughly the last 3 weeks, 2.5ml twice a day and i have also introduced a dairy free probiotic within the last 2 weeks and things have been going pretty good. What i'm wondering is, Is it important or necessary to have a change up
  3. Glad you got the dx for your son, Will help with schooling and anything else that is available to you by having it. Some Dr's also haven't seen a lot of cases of ts so what they think is severe may be what another dr thinks is mild. It may even help you to watch some youtube vidoes of others ticcing so you can see the difference in ticcing scale.
  4. I'm going to ramble again! I totally feel where you are at, I really was there only a couple of months ago and so many others on here have been there in the early stages to. Yes things got worse before getting better for my son and also when it comes to my kids i am the biggest sook. I'm also an over thinking and major researcher so i made myself physically and emotionally sick with all of this. I couldn't eat, i Couldn't sleep - i still don't get much now. I'm always thinking about it but it is gettting lesser. I pray to my angels and talk to my dad who has passed all the time asking
  5. Hi Just wanted to let you know that my sons high pitched, ear piercing scream (my ear drums were so sore and ringing) did decrease. For us about a week after it started it did lessen in how often it happened and then eventually the volume of it did as well but it was probably a couple of weeks before it totally dissapeared My son also reacts to corn and it is hard to get it out of the diet at first but take just take it a day at a time. Also wanted to say that at first i had my son on about 3 different products from our natropath while trying to do massive diet changes, it was har
  6. Just wanted to start a topic on Candida as i could only find really old posts but none of them answered a question i have. I i have been giving DS 6 a homeopath/herbal product called candaplex that a natropath recommended and thats sold in our local health food shop for roughly the last 3 weeks, 2.5ml twice a day and i have also introduced a dairy free probiotic within the last 2 weeks and things have been going pretty good. What i'm wondering is, Is it important or necessary to have a change up of anti-funguls? I have read in my research somewhere that the candida can morph or adapt o
  7. Glad you have found a doctor who believes in the importance of gut health. We have some HANDLE practitioners here in Australia but its super expensive. Feel free to PM me any time, We seem to be at about the same point in investigating and treatment.
  8. We initially were seeing a Natropath but she started wanting to give me things to try and rid the tics instead of looking at underlying issues, If tics could be made to go away with just vitamins alone everyone would be cured. She also didn't feel i needed to take him off dairy when i first seen her but dairy is a big no no for candida, She also didn't think i needed to investigate allergies but because of the amazing info on here i knew i had too. Also some of the vitamins she initially gave us i found out that some of the ingredients not listed etc were possible tic triggers. I have sin
  9. I also did gluten free first and slowly took dairy and gave homemade pizza as a treat as it was one of my sons faves. Its only been the last few weeks i've taken out dairy fully and kept him pretty much on the same foods every day/week so i can try and see what happens when there is a food change. Last week at school someone had a birthday and he had a cupcake, Well for 2-3 days after vocals were more intense again! I kept my son home from school during the screaming tic. I have seen an increase in tics for my son during the last few months but then he barely had anything for 2 years. We'
  10. It is hard but does get easier and we are only 5 months into all of this. My son was the worst eater, No vegies or any meat since he was 18months and he is now 6.5years BUT a bit after we changed to gluten free and his body stopped craving all the carbs and processed sugars he started to eat so much better and continues to be much more willing to try new things as well. he now eats all meats (that he can have) and tries his vegies although i wish i could get him on a almost vegan diet, maybe one day. My son did initially lose some weight due to the changes but has since put it back on thankful
  11. Hi Just wanted to say that my son started a very high pitched scream that lasted about 4 days constant then slowing went back down to his usual "AH" vocal. It was also a few weeks after going gluten free but i thought it was due to me introducing a flavoured fish oil. Have you tried dairy free for a few weeks? A lot of people have seen a connection between vocals and dairy.It's also often a big factor in excema. I've had my son dairy free now for about 2-3 weeks and the vocals aren't nearly as bad as they were in both how often they happen and volume. Since i've had some tests done an
  12. Hi Lee I got this done through the natropath that works out of our 'Healthy life' health shop in our shopping centre but the actual Natropath we were seeing said she also could do it as well, We are no longer seeing our Natropath though as her particular approach wasn't what i was after. Do you have a health food shop in your town that may offer the service? or i think if you google it you can print forms online and send it away yourself but i wouldn't know who was reliable to suggest to do it that way sorry. I'm also not sure of the accuracy of the testing hence my post but thought it wa
  13. Sorry i know i ask waaaaay to many questions ont his forum but i truely appreciate all the help while i tackle this on my own. Just wondering about peoples thoughts and experiences with this kind of testing? I'm not sure whats offered in other countries but here in Australia we can get a bio-compatibility test done through Natropaths, health food shops etc where they send off the hair sample and check it against 401 items including food, household items and other things. . These Items came up as bad for his body - Lemon Plums Rasberry Cola Fanta Sprite-lemonade Cloves Dill Sa
  14. true2myself how is your daughter going on the bontech supplements?
  15. My son had a blood test done that was requested by a paed to check for potassium, calcium, zinc and magnesium.... All levels were within normal ranges so my question is do ALL people with TS usually have low levels of the above or is it just that those particular things are helpful on a regular basis or is it only a small % that have low levels of them. Just trying to undertand if giving my son extra will be helpful if he already has a normal range? The only things that showed up different was Globulin - low Also what other levels would be important to check through a blood test
  16. Thank you Sheila We have just stopped my sons weekly swimming lessons because he asked for a break and also the chlorine factor until i can get tests done, We have changed to all natural cleaning products, no perfumes, sprays, candles in the home etc and am keeping dust levels down. I feel like we are on the right track but just need that bit of help with testing etc which i do hope Dr Woodbridge can help with especially when it comes to the candida/leaky gut possibility. I read all through his website and about his special built office and those he works with and it all sounded jus
  17. Thank you Chris for the words of encouragement Vanessa
  18. I'm so happy i'm crying!! I think i've finally found a dr who can help me work things out for my son.....I hope. I don't know that he has experience with tics or ts but he does do nutritional, environmental and psychological medcine! I'm hoping he can help with the candida issue as well as allergies, diet etc He is in our capital city though (Brisbane) so we will have to travel to see him. Thankfully he had an afternoon appt the same day we fly down (june 5th) to see a Neurologist. http://nemq.com.au/index.php - for anyone in Australia who may be searching for this kind of Dr
  19. I tried looking up kefir here in Australlia but i could only find grains to make my own but that just confused me! I did find a new yogurt in our supermarket that is made from just plain a2 milk with the probiotics in it so might try and introduce that, it has no colours, flavours, gelatines etc. We use raw organic honey also.
  20. Sadly we don't have a dr guiding us, I can't find one in our area who will test for candida/leaky gut so just our natropath who picked it up through iridology. She also believes that the gut issue is down the list of priority and is trying to just get rid of his tics, I don't think she is really understanding as i think his gut health etc needs to be addressed first. I've decided we won't be seeing her anymore. I think i will introduce the probiotic. Thanks
  21. Just wanted to pop in and say hi partyof5 we have just started this journey for our son as well so you're not alone on how confusing it all is! I'm trying really hard not to get overwhelmed, Some days i feel like i'm going crazy trying to find triggers, work out what supplements would work etc. Was really good to read your post Jen as it gave me a much needed boost to keep going, I often go back and read my book by sheila just to remind me that all the changes and researching will be worth it for my son....hopefully
  22. Just wondering if there is a particular time in when a probiotic should be introduced? I've had my son on Candaplex for the last week to start killing of the candida but not sure when i should introduce the probiotic to get balance back, I tried googling it and it roughly says a week or 2 after the anti fungul but then our natropath said after all the candaplex is finished which seems too far away? So confused!!
  23. Thanks Mar My son will be 7 this year, Since vocals started in January and i started researching and the possibility of tourettes came up i began to introduce a gluten free diet, dairy free, colour and preservative free, sugar free etc so am doing all that which has helped immensly with his eating as he had always been sooooo fussy and only craved carbs and sugar, I really believe because of the changes this is why his motor tics are very mild. Just the vocals that are still hanging around. Also am trying to get as many tests done as i can into allergy, blood tests etc but i'm doing it
  24. Thanks Chemar for your opinion My gut instinct was to not use it, I gave it too him for about 4 days roughly 5 weeks ago when she first gave it to us and i'm sure it bought on a head shake! We had a appt with her yesterday and she said she has 4 other kids with tics that she is currently seeing and they have done well on it along with activated b complex but i still was/am unsure. I think i'm just going to stick to getting him a good multi and continue with the candaplex for his gut and introduce some probiotics. At least until our appt in June with the neurologist.
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