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  1. Update!! We saw Dr Rao on March 1st. His office was exceptional. receptionist Cam was so helpful. We did have to wait for after almost 1 1/2 hours past our appt time but i will say he is worth it. He took his time visiting with us and seems very knowledgable in pandas. We started an antibiotic and will be back to see him on the 18th. If we dont start seeing improvement in his symptoms we'll try another antibiotic. He seems like a very experienced pandas doctor with pandas and after our visit I was very hopeful about the treatment he would offer

  2. This is incredibly enlightening! My son is in the beginning stages of being diagnosed with pandas, he has been out of school for 4 months. School did an iep and he didnt qualify for any resources because he only had anxiety, no learning disabilities. We visited with superintendent yesterday and he said if I have documentation from doctor we could apply for 504. This helped me make sense of that. Thank you

  3. I am also just beginning to gather information about pandas. I heard back from my sons local psychiatrist today and he tested positive for strep on his DNA base test. I guess this just means he has had strep at some point. He started him on a high dose of augmentin for the next 3 weeks and has assured me that he is willing to treat him for pandas so I will prob not be having to travel to Texas (I'm in oklahoma). We may keep appointment for second opinion. I will let you know that his receptionist was very helpful and they book out about 1 month. If you are thinking of seeking treatment there you may want to book now! I will let you know how it goes if we decide to keep the appointment.

  4. Wow, thank you everybody for all of the information! I just skimmed it as we are on our way to the psychologist for an appointment. I will be reading again in a bit when i have time to process it. We live in Eastern Oklahoma. My son had his tonsils out at 5 due to recurring strep. To my knowledge he has not had it since but it seems rampant in the school he attends. There was really no known sickness at onset. This was only 4-5 months ago so hopefully they can find it through bloodwork. (Oh boy! They had to sedate him with versed just to do the work on him Friday). Not sure where my psychiatrist stands on aggressive vs conservative. We saw him Thursday and he is out of town this week.... I am trying not to panic until I can see him again. He did mention trying to qualify him for a study. I made the mistake of calling my insurance to see if they covered IVIG and mentioned pandas. We'll just have to see what comes of it. Trusting God to take care of it for me ; )

  5. I have an 8 year old son who has the following symptoms : OCD, severe separation anxiety, bits of rage or tantrums, suicidal thoughts, deterioration of learning abilities / concentration and a mild tic. The onset of these symptoms began October 2012. Regular pediatrician tried him on three different ssri's. Prozac (2 weeks, no improvement), Zoloft (2 weeks, intensified fits of rage and suicide) and he is currently on Luvox (limited help with OCD symptoms).


    We felt like we weren't making any progress in treatment so we changed doctors. We visited a new psychiatrist last week (who was a pediatrician for 32 years previously) and he introduced us to A possible diagnosis of PANDAS or PANS. We did bloodwork on Friday to screen for strep and are waiting on results. Over the weekend I have scoured and spent hours investigating this disorder. I am waiting for the psychiatrist to call me back with results but have a few questions.


    From what I can tell antibiotics are the first course of treatment when we determine what virus is causing symptoms. I have also gathered that I need to be as aggressive as possible in treatment. I have researched IVIG and Plasma exchange and feel like I am willing to go on with these treatments as soon as possible. I have read a few if these posts and seen there are a few doctors that people recommend. My question is would my son get better treatment if I traveled to see a certain doctor who specializes in pandas? Who would you recommend? I would like to take him to the top doctors if possible. Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.

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