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  1. Hi, I'm brand new here. My 9 yr old son has had tics for years but has never been diagnosed. I don't know what benefit there is to having him diagnosed. I'd like to try going gluten-free and other natural remedies, but can do those on my own right? Please let me know what, if any, difference it would make to tell his pediatrician. He started by smelling his hands and grimacing, always pulling his shirt down in the back over and over when he's sitting down, flapping, jumping up and down, and lifting his hands with fingers separated as if in a mime while staring/glaring off in one direction, and also sniffing in suddenly. And now he started also raising one foot in the air so it looks like a Tai Chi move or a pose from the Karate Kid movie. He's always loved numbers and now I notice that he obsessively counts the cars that pass us, the numbers of letters are 7-5-7 in his first, middle and last name, and asks "how many" of everything throughout the day. So - - I suppose I can help him "re-direct" if he gets too OCD with counting weird things. We homeschool, so I'm with him all the time, and his younger brother has none of these traits. When learning to read, he'd count the lines on a page and other odd things, and my husband just thinks he'll be an accountant when he grows up, but I'm concerned he might be too weird. So should we wait it out over the years, trying dietary changes and supplements, or .....? And whether he has Tourrette's or tics, what difference does that make whether it's diagnosed or not?
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