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  1. http://ocdinformation.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/ocd-as-the-result-of-an-infection/ http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/articles/5352286/obsessive-compulsive-disorder-acquired-toxoplasmosis-two-children Interesting! I've noticed that a lot of regiments causing improvement include an Used for babesia, however it would only partially treat toxo - it requires antoprotozoan and clindamycib for neortoxoplasmosis. When my son was 15, he took Mefloquin for malaria prophylaxis while traveling to Nepal. He became paranoid with hallucinations - luckily his guides saw it many times over the years, the drug wore off and he was fine for the rest of the trip. I think it was herxing. If you google toxoplasmosis and OCD, there is ton of info. Note that in one of the studies above, children were treated just with antimalerian/ antibiotics with no psych meds or intervention, and improved.
  2. It's not about being immunocompro used. If you are immunocompromised - you are in luck, because you will be diagnosed. If you are immunocompetent, you firms micro cysts in basal ganglia that are not detectable by MRI. The serology is simple and the treatment is cheap and effective. Unfortunately, most psychiatrists practice in their sleep and are not trained in medicine.
  3. http://www.hindawi.com/journals/jpr/2012/589295/
  4. My son has severe contamination issues, but I can't understand why he is not showering, brushing his teeth or cut his nails. It's a real struggle, but he wouldn't explain. He smells and looks like a homeless person, but washes his hand constantly. I just want to understand it from his point of view, it breaks my heart...
  5. Sorry, I am new to this world - what is the connection between Lyme and OCD? What are the symptoms of untreated chronic Lyme other than fatigue? Thanks!
  6. I've increased my son's dose of Augmentin to 1000 twice a day and would like a recommendation on the best approach to probiotics- dose? brand? Thanks!
  7. Yes!!! He did get his meningococcal vaccine in college and got rapidly worse after that! He grew up in CT and NY, so tick - borne is a good possibility. I will get him tested. He also had an H.pylori at 5, right around when his symptoms started. He should probably be retested and retreated. Dr.K said he wouldn't test for anything else, mildly elevated antiDnase was enough for him. Should I get ENT work up/ tonsillectomy before IVIG just in case? What is the optimal preparation for IVIG so not to waste the opportunity? Dr.Jenike said in the MGH forum, that there is next to nothing known about PANDAS in older kids and adults, that's it. Does anyone know of any older kids, young adults treated successfully for PANDAS? Seemed that there is a lot of hope and success for younger children, which is great! But what about kids who did not get diagnosed at the younger age? Thanks for all your replies and thoughts!
  8. Dear all, I am new to this forum and learning so much from all of you! We are rapidly loosing our 21 yo son to severe OCD. He had on and off OCD symptoms since the age of 5, but nothing too dramatic - cognitive rituals, contamination issues, anxiety, need for constant reassurance. It was blamed on divorce, moving, me working 80/h week. However with every exacerbation obsessions got worse. In mddle school he was debilitated by fear of developing a bold spot, which resolved eventually morphed into anorexia for 6 months, then, contamination blossomed. He was always anxious, but managed to get into great college where he crushed. He was treated with Luvox, got severely manic - his psychiatrist was elated, that " we now have a real diagnosis of bipolar". He then was in one of the top residential OCD programs for 12 weeks and got much worse. With all the treatment, he only got worse. A year ago he was still deciding between economics and premed, today he would not shower, would not put his socks on, cannot read as it triggers his cognitive rituals. I feel we are on the wrong track with CBT and all that. He got tested for PANDS by Dr.K - the only thing that came back mildly elevated is antiDnase. ASO, tigers all negative. We started Augmentin 875 twice a day 11 days ago, but no significant improvement other than his mood is more stable, less rage. I am willing to pay for his IVIG as we are loosing ground very quickly. Would really appreciate any thoughts, experiences or suggestions. All the best to you!
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