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  1. Wow, after three days of no TV, and I put him on Source Naturals "Attentive Child" his tics are almost non-existent. I am not sure if it is maybe just the transient part of the tics that is passed or the trigger of the TV. Regardless, I just saw a few abdominal movements tonight at that was it.

    I would be interested to know what type of supplements your child is on?

  2. Thanks for the heatfelt support. I took him to the walk in clinic (we live in BC Canada), and was successfull in gettting the attending Dr to refer us to a Allergy Specialist. We are going to try some wheat free products and see if there is a change. I also have him taking Calcium and Mag, a B complex and a multi vitamin. Is there another suppliment we should be trying?

    I keep hearing that the tics are hard to suppress, yet when he is on our lap, there is usually nothing. It seems to most obvious when he is not talking and/or relaxing.

    Like I said earlier, the teachers don't notice anything. I am only hoping it does not worsen. I know it will get better, but anything to minimize them would be enough encouragement for me.

    I feel like I am the one that needs help! My wife says I do enough worrying for both of us and to look at the bright side. He is happy, eating well, does not have TS, (at least according to all the data we have read and been told), and that it will more then likely go away.

  3. Hi, I am new to this site, however my situation is probably not. We have an 8 year old boy who started with heavy eye blinking about 10 months ago. This escalated into shoulder and abdominal twitching several months later. All his symptons went away in the summer but came back late prior to school. He has no Attention Deficite problems or any other learning problems, in fact he is a very bright boy, just a little shy. He loves school, and the teacher does not notice any tics at school. He seems to have them in the morning and in the evening, especially when he is relaxing such as laying on the couch watching TV. He seems to have them during mealtime as well. I know they will eventually go away, but I get so depressed observing him it is effecting me. I have read alot, and last week tried Magnessium supplements which seemed to help reduce the severity. He was twitching so violently I thought he would fall off the couch, and this week he was much better, but then he had a bad flair up this morning. I have read a lot about diet, and my mom is Celiac, (no wheat gluten free) and was curious as to if anyone had success with gluten free and tics. I know he is not TS, he has no vocal tics, and his tics to come and go. The last two nights we served him for dinner a lot of gluten patties, he loves them, and I was wandering if this could have triggered it? I think some of the problem I have is dealing with it myself. He is such a sweet boy and has Aortic Stennosis (faulty heart valve) that will require surgery in the next several years. It makes me cry to see him have to go through the tics. There is no history in our family that we know of tics or TS. He is also a twin, with a very healthy robust sister that is 10 lbs heavier and very athletic. There, a short history, like I said, I probably need the advice more then him! He is very happy and appears normal from our observation and his grade two teacher. We just had a parent/teacher conference last night and was told he was a very good student, just a little shy.

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