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  1. Tics seem to have subsided again. Only see one or two small shoulder shrugs every couple hours if that. We are keeping x-box and WII playing very limited. Also trying to totally eliminate the artificial everything. I just keep thinking in my mind the tics will come back, I wish I could relax! After the supplements we have been giving him for the last 5 months, when the tics have come back, they are very mild.


  2. Hi Lenny,

    Could you elaborate more on the b-complex that you used and then switched to. If anyone recalls, I have been wondering myself about my son's reaction to b vits and have been experimenting. My current suspicion is that he seems(?) to tic more while on something in b complex--niacin or folic acid? So I'm cutting it out for now. Could you tell me more about what's in your b-complex and the one you switched to? So you think he had minimal tics when you switched back to the old one? Please let me know your experience. It would be interesting to know other experiences with B's.




    Sure, I had (and have) him on Natural Factors Hi Potency B 50mg dose. When we switched to Kirkland (Costco) B Complex he seemed to increas tics mildly. The main difference is dosage I.E B1 in Costco was 15mg and NF was 50mg. The Costco B1 used was from Mononitrate and the NF was Hydrochloride. Otherwise, thinking about it now, I should have increased the amount of the Costco, but they are quite large and the NF is the same size. We also give him chidrens Natural Calm in the evening, and along with his B-complex in the morning I give him 1 Attentive child by Source Naturals and 1 Learning Factors by Natural Factors. Maybe it is the right combination for now, but like I mentioned in a previous response, was it the Almonds or Cheezies he was on??

    He seems to be tic free this weekend, and sleeping much better.


  3. Reading some other posts I agree, it is a roller coaster. We had some tics come back last weekend, after changing back to his regurlar b-12 (Natural Factors) he seems to be tic free again. Wish so bad I could figure out the cause, but I should just relax and be grateful but of course I can't. I keep coming home waiting for him to tic, I watch him so intensely that even when he moves I think it might be a tic! I need to relax, neither him nor I or my wife bennefit from my stress.

    I had mentioned he was on the smokehouse almonds, has anyone heard of those being a trigger?

  4. There has been a slight setback this weekend. He has started again with some abdominal and shoulder tics. Racking my brain as to what we have done different. The only thing I did was change his B12 complex pill after it ran out with another brand that was much cheaper at Costco. Besides being a much lesser dose, it looks like it has very similar ingredients. We also got a box of "smokehouse almonds" that he has been eating every day for a school snack. Last night I went a got the same B-12 bottle he had before and will take him off the almonds, but somehow I wander if these things are the triggers. The term "waxing and waining" seem to come up in several posts/books I have read. Maybe this is just that. Last night he had a lot of Pizza just prior to going to bed and couldn't sleep for hours. He complained his stomach was twitching and he felt weird.

    He has been a few days shy of 3 months since he has really had any noticible tics, I hope we can find the trigger and not let them progress.

    Our case is so minor compared to most other cases on this forum, we know he does not have TS and is not AD, but our goals are the same, and that is to do all we can for our children. I don't know of any parent that wouldn't trade places with their children if that would make their lives better.


  5. As many people have mentioned, "it is a journey" and it is much easier if you have someone to take it with. For me, I have God to talk to and I claim his promise that "He will never give us more then we can bare". I don't know what I would do if he had to have open heart surgery right now, he is going to in the next several years due to his aortic stennosis, but I won't be taking that journey by myself either. I have a suporting wife and mother as well.

    It is so easy to get depressed about your situation and ask questions like, "why is this happening to me", but you read peoples stories on this forum, and you see kids in Childrens hospitals with cancer and you end up praying for them and thanking the Lord you have a comparitive "healthy" child.

    I would recommend you try the adult version of Kids Calm, Natural Calm. I am convinced it makes me sleep better and seems to make me handle daily stresses better as well.


  6. Welcome, you can see our story under "8 year old with transient tics". Your story has a very similar start as ours. He started with eye blinking and progressed to limb and abdominal twitching. Made me a complete basket case until I searched desperately for answers that the DR's weren't offering. When he first started the blinking, we didn't do much, they left for a couple months then came back worse, then he started the twitching and I took him to ER one Saturday when it go bad. They did a very in depth check on him and ruled out siezures. The best thing for me has been this forum. He is doing so much better now. He is on Kids Calm and we did the no TV thing all at the same time. I just wanted him better. The teachers didn't notice anything, he was as happy as ever, but by me bringing it up to him and getting emotional about seeing him ticking, well lets say I wish I could do things over.

    He is back to playing Xbox and Wii in very limited amounts. He seems to know he is better off playing it only 20 minutes at a time and not every day. He has been without tics since just after Christmas, very seldom do I see anything. I need to just appreciate him for what he is, and stop stressing out about what he may or may not ever become. He is also on soy milk, he had be as a baby, his twin sister did too, but now is on milk. He gets abdominal pains if he drinks milk, like a starbucks cream drink (no caffeine).


  7. I am going to check with a couple of local stores that specialize in organic and/or natural products and see what they have for yogurt. He cannot tolerate milk, gives him abdominal pains, (like me) and seemed to increase his tics at that time when he had them. I am sure the lactose was the problem, I know that yogurt does not cause the same problem. We give him organic soy milk and he likes it.


  8. His test for allergies were for food and dust, pollens etc, we were told it was the standard tests done here in BC Canada. We did tell the Dr about my mother being Celiac, but he didn't seem to be too concerned about that.

    Interesting about big tonsils, as I said, the Dr basically said he would not take out tonsils due to our boy being slight in weight, he is tall, like me, and he said he may allways be slight, leave him alone! (exact words). I had my tonsils removed when I was 28, and gained weight almost instantly.


  9. Results from the alergist was negative for all his tests. I should be glad, but I feel still unsettled as to what caused the tics in the first place, and can now rule out common alergies. The Dr. did say his tonsils were very large, we have had him into see a ENT specialist before and made us feel stupid for sugesting his tonsils be removed since he was under weight compared to his twin sister and most other males his age. His tics are under control right now, so I should just learn to relax.


  10. I feel like I have had success with "Natural Calm", our 8 year old son is taking the "Natural Calm for Kids" and seems to be doing very well. I am the one that needs help! He has been mostly tic free for over two months now. Just wish I knew what caused it all. We just had him to a Alergist last week and he was alergic to virtually nothing. Anyways, try Natural Calm for adults, I think it is great.


  11. Thanks for that positive and heartfelt reply. We are taking him to an alergist this Wednesday and hope to find out more on as it may pertain to his tics. We did notice a few very minor tics today, but he did have gluten patties yesterday, and we have long felt this may be a trigger. My Mother has Celiac, and she has often wandered if he has any of the same unfortunate genes she does. It is often said on this forum that it is a journey, and that rings so true for us and our son.


  12. Hi lmcgill


    I would feel that calcium should still be part of the vitamin/mineral supplement you give. If he is getting a lot of dairy and calcium from other sources, then the calcium in his multi should be fine

    A 2:1 ratio of calcium to magnesium is recommended, and tho this is an approximation, yet one can try to balance this way as best possible


    Just a point tho...you say you were giving two tablespoons??? of Natural Calm....I assume you mean TEASPOONS as the max dose per serving is recommended at 3 TEASPOONS, but many people find one TEASPOON quite sufficient


    Interestingly, my son doesnt like the Natural Calm tho my husband sure does. My son says it relaxes him, but that he does not find that it helps his tics in the way that his regular magnesium supp does


    Yes, that would be teaspoons, we are actually down to about 1 now, too much and his stools became too loose. We mix it with OJ and other fruit juices and he likes it. He will not do it strait up.


  13. Our son does not seem to tic at all now for about 4 weeks. We did the one week TV, that seemed to slow the tics way down, then put him on "Natural Calm" and some bcomplex. No pop, junk food, MSG additives. I know we did too much all at onece, now if they come back I won't know where to start! But he is going to be 8 next week and we are going to Disney world as well as a cruise, so I hope he stays tic free thoughout it all.


  14. We seem to be doing very well on the Natural calm, he is 8, we were giving him about 2 tbs but his stool starting getting loose so we have backed off.

    Is calcium necessary with the Natural Calm mag? I know all the other forms include the 2-1 ration for Calc/Mag, but I was't sure if we needed to give him Calcium with the Natural Calm.

  15. I am not realy qualified to welcome you to this board, since I am fairly new, but your story struck some vital cords in me. My son will be 8 in couple weeks and seems to be in a remission for the last 5 weeks. I hope and pray every day he is over the tics, but I must be prepared if they come back. It depresses me as well, and this is not good for the rest of my family. TV has helped out a lot, as in eliminating it for a week and bringing it back slowly. We have put him on Magnesium, (natural calm) as well as b-complex. He wants to take them, which sounds strange to us, but I think he thinks they are helping him. He is also very slim, and has a very robust and healthy twin sister.

    I am rambling, but you should try the Natural Calm and see how it works. Today is another day that we hope he will be tic free, I just wish I could help him more, I know as a parent we would trade places with our kids without hesitation. I just keep thanking the Lord every day he doesn't have ticks and in that same prayer asking that I be able to handle it if they come back.


  16. He definately does not have TS. Sounds like my son. He is 7 and has a twin (sister) too! He started with the eye blinking then went on to the shoulder and head jerks as well as some abdominal movements. He started it back in March 06, the eye blinking stopped but the shoulder jerks came on. It went a way for most of the summer but came back bad in the fall. As of this week he has nothing again. We wish we knew what the triggers are. We took him totally off TV for a week as well as put him on Calcium and Mag as well as a supplement called "Attentive Child" by Source Naturals. Now he is watching some TV and playing his new Nintendo WII, but in very limited amounts. Please let me know how your son is doing.

  17. We have seen no tics at all for about two days now. He is playing a little Nintendo WII that he got for Christmas, but he seems to know that TV is a trigger and just pulls himself away if he feels tics. I wish I knew what is happening to him. He seems so good now and I am nervously waiting for the next tic to start. I am not trying to be a pessimist, but it seems in this situation I am.

    Now I am concerned the Mag Oxide we are giving him could be bad for him? It is a combination Mag and Calc designed for children, should we try a different type if he is doing good on it now?


  18. I know the roller coaster you are on. My eight year old son has been up and down with his tics for about nine months now. Over Christmas he was very mild, but just before he got very bad with his shoulder, abdonimal and eye blinking that I thought about checking myself into a clinic! We took away all forms of TV for a week as well as put him on some Calcium and Mag, and gave him a supplement from a company called Source Naturals named Attentive Child. Who knows if the tics will return, I am preparing myself for them, but praying they won't. They are not hurting him, and he does not like me looking at him either, but it is hard for me to stop. My wife seems to be much less concerned then me, but I know she really isn't, just thinks I do enough worry for both of us. We are watching what he eats and have let him start to play his new Nintendo WII as well as watch a little TV, but we have told him if he wants to stop the tics he needs to stop watching when he feels himself doing them. This has worked so far, but like I said, they do call them Transient, so I am expecting they will return. Perhaps the best I can hope for is that they will be mild.


  19. I know how you feel, honestly, when our son had his first tics in Feb 06 just after he turned 7, they eventually tore me apart to desperation like you. The first sign was heavy eye blinking, that did not bother me too much, but then he started shoulder jerking one Saturday in May, I took him to ER and the on call Pediatrician did all the tests as well. They got better, but came on again in August of this year and got very bad in November. It affected me to the point that my work was affected and I was becoming very depressed and angry. Mainly because the doctors said nothing was wrong, and even though he was happy, it made me sick inside to see him jerk his body around. For the last couple weeks he has gotten better, he is on Magnessium and Calcium as well as Attentive Child by Source Naturals as well as a b-complex. We also took away TV for a week. I can't tell you what made him better totally, but now he tics so little that I just thank God continuously. He will tic very slightly when watching TV, but I don't even care. I shed so many tears over him and know it did him and me and everyone else around me no good at all.

    I would try every trick to get him on Magnessium and Calcium. The Attentive child is a small capsule, so he may swallow that. All I can say is he will get better, it is NOT TS for sure. Try no TV as well for a week. We are also getting him tested for alergies next month. Hang in there


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