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  1. We are still going very well with our son, no major body tics for close to two years. We still have some tongue and the eye twitch but it is so minor. He is home today with a fever/cold and I have noticed for several months he will glance up towards the ceiling then look ahead again. His eyes are not rolling, he just seems to look up then straight. I was curious if it was a habit, but there seems to be no consistency. I noticed it this morning when he was watching TV. He will also line things up in front of his face sometimes. An example would be if he was eating his food, he would center the fork in front of his face then put it in his mouth. Or lift the TV remote up from the couch, put it in front of his face then change the channel. He will not do it all the time, just occasionally when he it seems convenient. I thought these seemed a little like OCD, but he has never had any signs of that before.

    I know, all kids do strange things, these are so minor, but since it is my turn to stay home with him, thought I would ask.

  2. Great post. Our son is almost 10 and coming up on 3 years since his first tics surfaced. He has never gone back to any body movements for close to 2 years now. He still has some blinking and some toungue movements but overall very minor. I have narrowed the main culprits to wheat, gluten and I think chocolate. We have him on a gluten free diet but he has never been diagnosed with Celiac yet. My mother is very extreme Celiac, and he seems to be pretty good following that diet. I honestly think that wheat effects his central nervous system, and I know I wouldn't be the first or last to think this.

    He is also taking Bonnies supplements, Natural Calm and a pro biotic plus a digestive enzyme. We also have removed any artificial anything from all our diets.

    I try not to assume his tics will get worse but take each day one by one.

    Right now he is doing very good and if he has a set back, I know it will pass.


  3. We have had huge sucess with diet. He is in Gr 3 this year, we have him gluten free and on Bonnies Vitamins. We have been able to reduce his amount of suppliments down to 5 in the morning and 5 at night now. We have reduced all artificial colors, flavours and have him on Rice milk. I notice some very minor tics after he plays his Wii.

    There are so many other reasons to go healthy, he has fewer colds, is not sick really at all for almost two years.

  4. I have not posted much on this forum the last several months. Last year this time our son was starting grade 3. He was going to a new private school and he was a mess. He had leg tics, facial tics and even a small sighing noise.

    I was expecting some tics last night and this morning, but nothing happened as he just coasted in to grade 4. I knew he would be less going into grade 4, in the past year we have changed his world so much.

    He has been on Bonnies Vitamins for 11 months, had 15 NAET treatments, completely stopped all artificial colors and flavours, put him on a gluten free (%95) about 5 months ago along with his nightly Calm/pro biotic/enzyme.

    He hardly has any tics anymore, somtimes he may have some eye blinks or his tongue comes out every once in awhile, but not since last year at the start of school has he had any of his limb tics.

    He has been feeling good, very happy and very bright. I have read a lot on the Gluten free diet, my mom is an extreme Celiac. The blood test did not show anything out of the ordinary regarding celiac, but he just seems to do better when we eliminate all wheat and gluten related products. I know there is a big link between wheat and the neurlogical function of the brain.

    I do have this Forum to thank, it has led me down a path I use to scoff at, you know that "health food nuts" path.

    I am sure he will have his waxing and waining times, but my hope is they will be much more moderate. Until then, I will continue to pray and thank God every day for this little man.


  5. It is nice to hear success stories. Reading a couple of your comments struck home to me. We have been having success with our son as well. He started tics over two years ago and my life has never been the same. The fact that he is doing pretty good now doesn't seem to help as much as I thought it would. Since we have kept him mostly wheat free as well as the artificial flavor color and put him on Bonnies Vitamin program he seem to do well. He has the odd eye or other facial movements, but they are so minor. The last time he had any body tics was the day before he started grade 3 last September. I remember that day with tears even today, the poor kid, we had just moved, he was starting a new school as well as a long bus ride (private school) and seemed to internalize everything. As soon as he got to school he seemed fine, and the body movements stopped. This was also the time we put him on Bonnies. We will see how the start up is for grade 4 in a couple weeks, but I am expecting less of a reaction since he has the same teacher and he knows the routine.

    We cheat more now, like give him some wheat products, but I will give him a Glutenease tablet before. So far so good, he is acting like a smart normal 9 year old.

    I just wish I could relax, it is not good for me or anyone around me. I still get the funny stomach feeling when I think he may be starting some tic, I still get nightmares of him getting tics. I try so hard not to show any negative signs of this to him, but I get the feeling he may dislike me for his diet sooner or later. My mom has extreme Celiac conditions, but his blood test did not show he was. He just seems to look and feel better when he is gluten free, I don't understand, but we may take him to Seattle to a specialist that uses different tests to make sure the diagnosis is %100 accurate. Even if he is negative for Celiac, I have heard that wheat and gluten has an effect on the neuological functions of the brain??

    Yes, this website has been very helpful to me....as far as helping my son, now I need to work on myself.

  6. We started with the IGg first, gave us a little bit of a insight to his main food allergies. We started Bonnies last September after a bad ticcing episode as he entered a new school for his 3rd year. Since Bonnies, he has never had a major ticcing episode. We have not seen any leg or arm movement, just a little head knodding and the regular intermitent eye blinking and tongue coming out. We also did the NAET treatments. I am still very skeptical of them, we have spend a lot of money and all I can do is "hope" they did somthing. I plan on getting him re tested using IGg this fall and see if things have changed. We also have gone pretty close to Gluted Free, but we still cheat a couple times a week with a hot dog or burger bun.

    What we have noticed, is that he is happy and so good natured now. He was not that unhappy before, but most days he is just has a positive nature to him. Last week he had the dark circles again, so it could have been somthing he ate at school, or the fact that we slacked off on his diet.

    We have been on this "journey" for two years now. Probably the worst two years of my life, although the first year was the hardest. Don't let this consume you, it can and will make you depressed and angry. Kids pick up on this, as well as your spouse and the other members of your family and friends.

    No one will feel the same as you either, they will probably not notice hardly anything and think you are over reacting.

    I feel I am qualified and experienced to give a little advice and support back to some of the people on this board that have done the same for me.

    It gets better, all the healthy lifestyle changes we have made has helped out all of us in our family. You get to know what the main triggers are, for us stress is the main one. As a parent, you are doing the right thing. Don't give up, and make sure you hug your kids every day and tell them how proud you are of them.


  7. Cheri and Q's mom- thanks so much for your response.

    My son does not have a ts dx. He was diagnosed last summer with transient tic disorder- we have no comorbid conditions or family history- but he has had motor tics off and on for almost a year and some clicking (which I assume is verbal?). Since the bontech and magnesium don't seem to be working is this sort of a clue that he may not have ts?


    I have found a dr. that I am going to see next week and talk to him about having testing done. He said he has not ever treated a child with tics, but thinks he can. His website is www.primary-plus.com. He is an organic medicine doctor(intergrative?) and is in our insurance plan so I'm hoping the tests will be covered. When I called our ins. company they said as long as the dr. is in our plan any testing he orders will be covered. We did the IgG last year and he uses the elisa and feels that one is better. I am going to also ask about these tests:



    heavy metals


    fatty acids



    Does this sound right? Is there anything I am missing?


    Q's mom I do think that he has some kind of seasonal allergies that may make him flare up a bit. But its really obvious to me now that the vitamins are the problem. Looking back to last week I see now he was doing a lot better. I think I was thinking the tics would be gone completely if it was the vitamins after a week off, but maybe he just needed another week to calm down. He also had soy to eat a couple of times last week so if soy is the problem then that sort of answers my question. He has been head nodding and blinking so much the past 2 days I was really worried about sending him to school today. I hope he gets this out of his system fast.


    I hope I am not discouraging anyone from trying the bontech vitamins because they seem to work for the majority. And I think we are probably the only ones on this board that natural calm isn't helping.


    Thanks again,



    We are using Bontech and Natural Calm. We have been since Oct 07 (Bontech) and Calm since July 07. I can honestly say he has not ticced near as bad since we have had him on Bontech. He still tics, but they seem to minor and changing all the time. Currently he is sticking his tongue out, we find stress is the worst for him in bringing out tics.

    I don't think taking him off Bontech has anything to do with his actual dx of TS or not, it may just be somthing else, like diet or stress. We do not have any TS in our family history and he is very bright and seems to have no other issues. He is 9 right now, we think he just has transient tics and hope he will grow out of them in a few years. He has had them for two years, and he is so much better now then he was.

    Keep up the journey, it is worth it.

  8. Mary,

    I'm gonna put in a shout out to "itsme", .....


    I'm pretty sure if I remember correctly when they started on the bontech, they had an increase and then it got better? This was a while ago, so maybe if he is reading, he'll weigh in? Can you offer your experience or help with this please?




    This is a good thread, we have been on Bonnies Since October 07 and have not had a "major" body jerking or head jerking since. He still gets the odd eye blinking and will do some very slight head nodding, but nothing major. He is about 55lbs 9 years old now and we also give him 1/2 Tbs of Calm every night along with 6 Bonnies in the morning and 6 at night.

    He has been eating pizza sticks at school, and he is doing a little head nodding right now, but no one except me would notice. He also has a pretty bad cold, it may be causing a little ticcing as well.

    We did have him tested for Celiac, since my mom is a severe Celiac, but he did not show positive. We still find he is so much better on a GF diet, at least as most of the time. I read somewhere that even though the child may not show positive at first, he could still be bennefited by being GF. I also read that Wheat and Gluten can cause tics in a lot of people since it seems to affect the neurological part of the brain.

    I keep hoping and praying he grows out of them, but at this point it still bugs me way more then him!


    P.S Itsme, how is your son doing these days?

  9. I am sending positive thoughts your way! I understand exactly how you feel. And I do not think you are horrible to turn away. I sometimes feel the tics really are harder on the moms!!! You are doing what you need to do so that you can move forward and do what is best for your child.

    What is all this about the tics being harder on the moms??? What about the dads? I am feeling like a big sissy here today! I am glad my wife is stronger then me on this issue. We couldn't be the same, she feels very sad when our son tics, but she knows how it affects me and tries to be the equalizer. She is very supportive with all our diet/specialists/tests/etc. that I have initiated and has seen the results.

    One Friday evening in August we sat down for dinner and had my mom over. Friday night is a special dinner for us, always has been, but my son was doing some very weird ticcing with his nose and eyes when his twin sister said to him, "you are freaking me out with the way your nose is moving". At that point I burst into tears and had to excuse myself. Since then I have vowed never to let my son see me anxious or emotional over his tics. I hate the fact it affects me so much, but we can't always change the way we are.

  10. Our son is 9, had eye blinking, then abdominal, leg, arm that all started at 7. We have no TS/Tic history in our family. He is doing pretty good now. Hasn't had much of a tic since September, at least nothing more then some eye blinking or a slight head nodding tic at his 9th birthday in September. I honestly feel his diet, Calm, Bonnies pill program and the NAET Dr plus a lot of prayers that have helped. Trust me, I have had more then my share of tears and anxious times. I am still not where I want to be as far as emotionaly with all this. I do tend to not turn around and watch him quite as much in the car and if I do see him ticcing I can now walk away and not feel like I am being a bad parent. All this healthy eating has turned him into a much happier person. He is thriving in every way.

    By the way, he doesn't have any OCD, AD or any other conditions that seem to co exist with Tics/TS.


  11. I thought I would post a bit about our own experience with a sibling.


    My oldest son, now almost 12, began having tics at 5 1/2 yo...they became severe and to make a long story short he has PANDAS and is now on azithromycin x 2 years and is doing well. I have a 9 yo son who does have mild tics in the fall (seasonal) and spring. They have not really been a concern for me as they are really not too noticeable and he is not bothered by them whereas my older son use to BEG me to make the tics stop b/c they were severe.


    As toddlers my oldest son has tons of allergies, asthma etc and my younger son had mild allergies and mild asthma. My younger son just seems to be a milder version of his brother. We eat healthy for the most part but I have not done any real intervention with my younger son.


    The boys have a second cousin who they are quite close to, this cousin also tics quite a bit in the spring and fall as well as becoming more emotional. His mom just knows this is how he is in the spring and just accepts it.


    I don't think it is unusual to have a sibling that also shows some of the same symptoms, they just may present differently as in later in years etc.


    Unless the tics are really interfering with the child's life I don't think tons of intervention is needed. It is great to eat healthy, do vitamins etc but overall tons of kids tic and it is only if you know what to look for do you see it in other kids.


    We were recently on a vacation with a large group and sure enough one of the adults on the trip had an eye tic, but I would have never noticed or known it was a tic unless I had kids with tics. He did not seem one bit bothered by the tic.


    Take Care, Ronna

    Thanks for your time Rona to send such thoughtfull comments. I agree, they share some of the same DNA but yet are very different.

    I also notice tics in people more now. I have some people that I know very well and see now that the little habbits they do are probably tics. Do I think anything less of them? No, didn't before I knew it could be tics, and I find it makes that person who they are.


  12. I'm really hoping this is just a T. tic that will soon go away.


    My daughter is doing very well no tics and school work is great.


    God Bless,


    It was an interesting evening. The twins had a NAET treatment after school. The Dr could not seem to clear her BBF (Brain Body Balance). She has tried this before, and thought it was cleared. Today she was harder to clear then last time. The Dr thought this could be why she was doing her tic with her mouth. She didn't do much of her tic at all tonight.

    Although I am still a little skeptical about the NAET, after $1500 worth of treatments we are still going!

  13. As my posts before have included tics and the journey we have been through with our son, this one is a little different. Our son is in a good phase right now, hardly ticcing at all, and when he does, the tics are mild. This is probably due to his diet, the NAET treatments and Bonnies Vitamins.

    It seems now his twin sister has a tic. She does this mouth opening/jaw snapping thing. It kind of started several months ago when she was trying to clear her ears after coming down from the mountains. They seem to be much different than his, she seems to know she is doing it. Yesterday she had a lot of them after school, probably releasing them after supressing them at school. It does seem odd that she would be starting at 9 years old when he has had them for almost 2 years.

    I know there are more then one members that have more then one child with tics. I would appreciate your thoughts comments on if this is the start of the tic cycle or just a transient tic that may subside?

    I don't want to jump the gun and start her on vitamins and diet, but I am thinking I should. I probably should get her IGg tested as well.


  14. For us, our son turned 9 in February, and with all the excitement of his birthday and probably some junk food, he did have a few very short lived head knodding tics. But overall, his tics are much less frequent and noticable then they were at his onset close to 2 years ago. He has a one eye blinking thing going on usually when he eats, his tongue comes out occasionally, but not very often. I am like some others on this forum, I watch him way to much. His tics do not bother him, they only bother me. My stomach use to go into anxiety overload if the poor guy got the hiccups!

    We use the Bontech vits., as well as Calm, and a pro biotic. I did have him on fish oil, but I was not too sure if it was a problem so I give him a little Flax oil in his OJ instead.

    One bi product of cleaning up his diet, is we all bennefit from a healthier lifestyle. We have also spent a lot of $$ on NAET appts. and I am not too sure about the success, but I believe in it just enough to continue this year with them.

    I still think that no matter what you do, the kid will still have tics, but they will be less.

    Also, I have thought about genetic tics or tourettes as apposed to the transient/where did these come from tics. I hope that he grows out of them, but in the mean time, I will do my best as a parent to provide him with all the proper care I can.

  15. Darn it! I keep thinking that I will hear from Lenny and Cum Passes that they have stopped worrying! :lol: Something like oh gosh- I guess time has healed all my worrying and things are great now! Wishful thinking :wub: I just hope there is a day that I look back and go, wow, all that worrying was for nothing and all is fine. I thought hopefully now that a year has passed. Now I just worry about the 10 -12 years as my son is 9. Then I will worry about my daughter having the same problems as she is only 3! Ughhhh!!! I guess I just figure that they are a little a head of the game then I and I am hoping that I will settle into some sort of resolution with this soon. Thanks for your kind words Chemar.


    Intimidation works, by the way, what does the "b" in bmom actually stand for? Perhaps you can tell me so I don't trying filling in the rest of the letters myself!!! :lol:

    My prayer lately has been to replace my worry thanksgiving for a wonderful son and his twin sister that are spectacular children. Our son besides tics has aortic stennosis, a much bigger issue in his life then tics, yet I feel he is so looked after in this area by Dr's that know what they are doing that I tend to not worry so much about when he will need open heart surgery. The tics are something I can't seem to figure out. The last couple days have been great for him. I seem to be less anxious as well.

    Thanks for your quote, it lifted me just a little higher. And Chemar is right, after spending one day at Childrens Hospital, you tend to be hard on yourself for wallowing in so much self pity over "tics"!


  16. I just felt I had to respond to this topic. We are coming up to 2 years and our son just turned 9 last week. I really go on an emotional roller coaster with him. It is a good thing my wife is a bit of an equalizer for me, I seem to be obsessed with his tics. He has been good for the most part, very little ticcing when he does. Lately he started off with a series that went from one eye blinking, slight head nodding to sticking his tongue out. This morning I did not really see anything.

    I feel so helpless most of the time, when a kid has a scrape, we put a bandage on it, when they have a cold or fever, we give them a pill to take care of it, but when they tic.....well I think if your like me you get depressed and frustrated first.

    Even though we have tried to give him the propper food and supplements our son still seems to wax. I have changed my prayer to ask that I be able to handle his tics along with asking for the right answers on how to help him. He usually doesn't even know he is doing them, and he is a very happy bright boy and when I think of it, his tics just make me want to hug him more.

    There is a text in the Bible I claim, can't remember what book, but it goes like this:

    "Don't worry about anything, pray about everything".

  17. The head nodding tic is still with him, but he only does it slightly and hardly at all in the morning. It seems to me, he was doing his eye blinking more when people were around but when he was by himself he would change to the slight head nodding. I didn't think they could change tics at will? Anyways, as usual my mom and our in laws think I am crazy since they see nothing, or if they do they don't think it is a big deal. Tomorrow it will be week since he started this waxing stage, so this may be just a cycle. His last real tics were in September, so I shouldn't complain.

  18. Lenny,

    I am curious- in regards to "His diet is basically GF now, but he had a lot of gluten Monday", couldn't having Gluten again be a trigger. My 12 yr old daughter has been GF since end of Nov and is doing significantly better now. I am curious and concerned what happens when we reintroduce the gluten, will the tics return in great severity again? How much is ok? Lenny, how long was your son GF and when did you reintroduce it back into his diet?

    Thank you so much for your reply and I hope you find your answer.



    Well today we saw the Allergy Specialist at BC Childrens Hospital. After waiting for 5 months for an appointment we found out that he is basically allergic to nothing. We did request a blood test for Celiac, so we will see what results come of that. He was great all morning, then after lunch on the way home he started his mild head tic.

    We were told again that diet has nothing to do with tics, so we pretty much feel we wasted our countries resources!

    I am not giving up, his tics are mild now, if this is a waxing period I can handle it. He was tic free for at least 4 months, one of his longest runs. What triggered this last episode is what I wish I knew. I do believe the stress and excitement over his birthday sleepover and todays hospital visit was not helping him. He was very worried about the blood test.

    But to answer your question about GF, he has had very little for about 4 months now. I am going to continue to keep him GF as much as I can, but once the Celiac results come back my wife and I will be more diligent.

    After being in Childrens hospital for half a day, you would think I could at least take some satisfaction in knowing that most of the kids I saw today, either with heads shaved or downs or one that seemed extreme Autistic would make me feel better about our situation...but it doesn't. I feel bad for those parents too.

  19. Hello,


    I am new to the forum. I feel lucky to have found it. My daughter is 12 and has suffered with tics off and on since she was about 5. She is currently experiencing one, and it is bothering her a lot, plus it hurts her. I have made several neurologist appointments but I have always canceled them because she gets better by the time the appointment becomes due. Also, I don't want to put her on those medications. When she was in 2nd grade we did see one, and they put her on Risperdol. I never want to do that again. Although it did seem to help, I wish I researched it more. I was desperate though. She also suffers from anxiety and OCD.


    I want to start supplements and have been researching. I would like to try Bonnie's, but I have two concerns. the first one is the high B6 content. I have read that some kids don't react well to it. Kirkman's Spectrum multi has less B6 and more B12. The second thing that concerns me with the TS-Plus is one of the ingredients is Soy. Kirkman's vitamins contain no soy. Any opinions on what I should start with? Or should I just go with a magnesium supplement for starters?


    I do have one more question that I would like help with. I would like to start her on a magnesium supplement. I have been looking at Kid's Calm. The thing I don't like about that is the orange flavoring that is added. Does anybody give their kids the Natural Calm or other magnesium supplement? I'm of the understanding that the powdered is the best for to use?


    Thanks for any help you can offer, I appreciate all opinions. If there was a previous posting with this I apologize. I tried to do a search but could not come up with the info I was looking for.


    I would not worry a lot about the Soy. Our son is off the charts on his IGg allergy tests but I did some research on Soy Lecithin and read that even if people react to soy, the lecithin is likely not going to bother them. There is some techinical reason, but if you google "soy lecithin" you could probably have it explained better.

    As far as the Calm, it is a great product, there is only natural flavoring in it, but if citrus products are the problem it won't matter.

  20. Imcquill,


    Will you do me a favor and list the ingredients of the onion chips. I would not be surprised in the least bit if MSG is not hidden in them. As I have posted many times this is my son's BIGGEST tic trigger. I have even found MSG, usually as autolyzed yeast extract, listed in numerous products at "health food type stores". Anything "flavored" like that is almost a slam dunk guarantee it has one form or another of MSG! We have to avoid any and all flavored chip type products.


    Also does the sour cream have something called sodium cassienate or calcium cassienate. These are another form of MSG found in dairy.


    When my son has MSG, and he is on Bonnie's vitamins", it takes about a week to calm down from the tics. My thought is it takes his sulfation system a week to process out the "toxins" and excess dopamine that has been created and also to rebuild the sulfate ions back up to do their job again. But I have to say he does not have as big a reaction, then prior to Bonnie Grimaldi's vitamins.


    I would highly suggest you do some epsom salts baths (2 cups of epsom salts) or make some lotion with epsom salts. Here is the link that I just posted as to how to make them http://www.latitudes.org/forums/index.php?...d&pid=20327 .


    I really am curious as to those ingredients in the onion chips. Because this very well could be your answer. You will also know, if this is the case, that you son is reacting to MSG products like I suspect many people with tics do.


    Carolyn N.


    This is once again, strange. I just went out on my lunch and bought some epsom salts. I knew we were out and was also looking for some cream. The pharmicist had not heard of such a thing, but now I can make some myself.

    As far as the chips, I looked for the bag but got frustrated due to the fact I couldn't find it in the garbage can.

    It just seems that a small bag of chips couldn't have that much in it to affect him. It was just a small grab bag and I don't remember the brand, but now I am tempted to put gloves on and look a little harder!

    Thanks for your reply,


  21. This is the first minor tic event we have had since putting our son on Bonnies in September 07. He started with a eye squinting (not the usual heavy blinking) and then a slight head nodding. He was excited about his 9th birthday sleepover party as well. He has been doing so good for so long now I thought about lowering his Bonnies to 10 per day from 12.

    I know there will be setbacks, I was foolish to think there wouldn't be, but can anyone tell me if there experience with setbacks have been much less or the same once the supplements have kicked in?

    In looking at what has been different in diet/lifestyle over the last couple days it has been driving me nuts.

    His diet is basically GF now, but he had a lot of gluten Monday as well as some Sour Cream and Onion chips and then the excitement of his party etc. His last real explosion was when he started school and he had the leg jerks, some head movement and a few minor vocals, and that was prior to Bonnies.

    Any feedback would be great.

    The Neuro did give a diagnosis up here in Canada as "mild TS" but told me that all tics were a form of TS?

  22. Hi Jenny,


    Welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of information here. When we discovered our child had ts a year ago i spent about 4 hours a day reading through the threads on this forum and asking questions. After a few months we really had things under control. Our son continues to do well. We use bontech sups and are on a strict candida diet. I don't want to overwhelm you with info now, so i think the best advice I can give would be to read as much as possible here. Also Sheila Rogers has a book "tics and tourette's" which can can order online....... a very helpful resource.


    Finally, we're all here to help and learn from each other so keep asking questions and I believe you will find the answers for your daughter.

    We have been into this journey with our son now for about 1.5 years. He has been doing very well with only the odd setback. One was at the start of school, and interestingly, he started a mild head nodding tic yesterday, the eve of his 9th birthday. It could have been the excitement of a sleepover, or some junk food he had, but hopefully it stays on the mild side. We continue his Bonnies as well as Kids Calm. I think our next step is to tighten up his diet.

  23. Michele,


    Have you ever done a gluten sensitivity test or celiac screen? Your son has some indicators in his symptoms that are very familiar with my Tigger's. (Wheat sensitivity, yeast sensitivity, abnormal stools, sensitivity to light (possible pyroluria), throat clearing after eating.....)

    Enterolabs does a stool test that is very highly recommended by those with gluten intolerance that are on a GF diet successfully. It is common to test negative on an IgG test for celiac. The best thing to do if your son gets a negative reading is to just try the diet.

    We did just about all the things you are currently doing. (We never did do antibiotics, I'm not sure if you have/are or not). Our ds had bruxism that just wouldn't go away, even with digestive enzymes. Let me ask you, does ds burp a lot? That is a sign too. Does he have white spots on his finger nails? How is his growth? Is he short for his age? Does he have a pot belly? Does he complain of soreness when you press on his abdomen? Is he hyper after eating certain things? Does he have a history of gastroenteritis or diarrhea? There are several reasons why gluten sensitive enteropathy would cause a lack of vitamin/mineral absorption. It can be present without gastrointestinal issues, but in your case it sounds like your son does have some. I used to give ds 10 of bonnie's vits a day plus enzymes, plus chiro visits, acupuncture at one time too. When we finally went 100% gluten free we saw a dramatic difference in him (it was a slow process that really improved on the third month). After nine months he is stable and I no longer have to do the vits (I will as a precaution on days when he doesn't eat great). His immune system is finally healing and he is digesting terrifically all on his own. (S shaped poops every day). He has not been sick in ages either-- colds, flus, sinus, throat.

    I just want to throw this out there because I see some similarities. Not everyone whose child suffers from tics is gluten intolerant, but for those of us who are it makes all the difference when you go gluten free.



    We are mostly doing the GF diet with our son. I have my suspicions, my mom is very celiac. She can't even tolerate the slightest amount of gluten. We have noticed when we give him GF bread etc he does a lot better. My next step is getting him tested for gluten intolerence. His IGg showed wheat as high, so I think we need to explore further. His NAET Dr has yet to do grains. He does burb a lot, as well as diarrhea somtimes.

  24. As much as I feel so sad for your situation, I also feel some comfort knowing that I am not the only one that goes through the same thoughts and helplessness/hopelessness as other people.

    Trust me, I have thought of running away...but by myself! Of course I never could, for the same reason as everyone on this board, we love our children and would gladly take their situation on ourselves if that was an option.

    Back to reality and your situation, I just ordered our 3rd batch of Bonnies supps.. Since we have had our son on them, he has never had a major explosion of tics like he had before them. He will be 9 in a few weeks, and he has had tics for almost two years this June. We also give him 1 tsp of Kids Calm at night. He takes 6 in the morning and 6 at night of the control, and one of the EPA morning and night.

    We also watch his diet and take him to a NAET Dr a couple times a month. As I mentioned before, I am still not completely sure about this. I am hoping to treat him for Soy (big time positive on his IGg test) but at the rate she is going, it could take years and several thousand $$!

    We are doing pretty good right now, I want so bad to be able to stop the anxiety I have wandering how he will be when he comes home from school today, tomorrow next week next year! This whole experience has not been good for me at all. My whole life has been affected negatively by it, and the friends you mentioned as well as close family all think I am the one with the problem. They didn't see him shaking his leg and body so bad he had a tough time staying on the couch. Or when he saw me emotional one time and thought it was his fault.

    I am trying my best to change my attitude, if not for me, for my son. Kids have a way of picking up on your feelings. One day at a time, and as much prayer to give me the faith I need.

  25. Hi Lenny,

    We haven't heard from you in awhile and I was wondering how your son was doing. I feel the same way and keep wondering if I will get over this. I just want to fast forward until he is 15 or so. Yet he is doing great and I hope and pray it remains that way. It will be a year for us next month. I recently read something that said 8-12 is the highest level of ticcing so I just keep thinking that I am in the thick of it now and hope it will only continue to get better, not worse. I went to my sons first basketball practice for the year last night. I was nervous because of the lights, yet he remained fine. The funny thing is that one of the other players was doing some ticcing-raising eyebrows and hard blinks. I always think that I am alone in this, yet now that I notice, I do see other children experiencing the same thing. Glad to hear your son remains stable and I was wondering how many Bontech you give your son? I just started my son on these and it seems like a lot to give 500 mg of magnesium. Do you?

    What a nice reply, thankyou.

    I can't recall how old your son is? We give our son 6 in the morning and 6 at night of the TS Plus Control and 1 of the EPA/DHA with them. I also give him about 3/4 of a tbs of Kids Calm in the evening. He has come to like the drink and he takes his vits with it.

    I felt so bad a our church the other day, his freind gave him a chocolate cupcake full of blue icing and all those sprinkles and I got after him for biting into it and he broke down in tears and dropped the balance on the ground and went to the car. I felt like crying too, and told him I was so sorry. It is difficult for us, they want to be like the others and I don't blame him. Makes it tough parenting in these situations, I don't want to see him have tics, but when you take in the fact that he doesn't even know he does them most of the time I feel guilty that I am doing it for myself and not him.

    Take care,


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