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  1. Hi guys. Ok, some methylation/histamine queries. I just cannot get my head around it. It seems fairly important but am not sure I fit into a neat box as in high histamine/low histamine. I don't know if anyone has read the pfeiffer information relating to this? It basically puts people in a 'box' related to symptoms, blood tests, and gives a range of potentially beneficial, or potentially harmful supplements. You can read at www.nutritional-healing.com.au. It seems very good in theory. The trouble is I have been trying various supplements and things for the last couple of years and still have not worked out what is good for me or not. I REALLY want to know. When I started this a couple of years ago I tested mildly positive for pyroluria (which has since been negative). I have tended to relate to the high histamine symptoms described and have also had blood markers to match - very low calcium and magnesium, and high B12/folate. However, my histamine has never been particularly high - it initially read at 75, just above normal but has since been in the 40's. I have also had a raised homocysteine level implying defective methylation somewhere along the line. My zinc levels are low recently. I am still slim, but have no drive/motivation, and cold hands, pointing more to a low histamine subtype. But, I tend to feel worse on folic acid - increasingly nervous pointing toward a high histamine subtype. I am not sure which supplements to take because of this!! As mentioned it seems not everyone fits into a neat little box. If anyone has any suggestions of how I can resolve this I am all ears!! Cheers,
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