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  1. Hello Everyone! Just wanted to share that I have struggled with this myself for several years, but wasnt quite sure what it was. I knew I had anxiety which can cause inappropriate thoughts, but have been struggling more recently...and just feeling disgusted and like I was an awful awful person. I just broke down to my counselor tonight and told her everything, and she was so calm and reassuring that there was nothing abnormal about me and that I would never act on any of these disturbing thoughts. I have heard that one indicator to reassure yourself is that you are so upset by these thoughts. Someone who really wanted to to do these things wouldn't feel completely devastated by them. I stumbled across this forum this weekend as I was desperately trying to find an answer to my thoughts and feelings. In doing my research this weekend I found some great resources that I couldnt help but share, as they were a piece of the puzzle for me and helped me to feel much better. One great book I discovered and read was called "The Imp of the Mind: Exploring the Silent Epidemic of Obsessive Bad Thoughts" This book definitely touches on all types of obsessive disturbing thoughts and explains how they are normal for almost everyone. Also, I found this other article, written by a Phd, linked from another forum that has great information on this same topic, and even covers physiological side effects http://www.raminader...%20Thoughts.pdf No one should have to suffer with these kind of thoughts alone. I couldnt help but share all these resources with you as they brought me such great peace, in addition to seeing a counselor and her reassuring me that I was ok. Hang in there and peace to all
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