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  1. Us too Nicklemama. When my daughter was in second grade the doctors talked me into the FluMist Got very sick with fever for a few days after. Then all the fears and phobias sadness anger rage all came out. Then that some of the intrusive thoughts started. Think those were the worst for her . That summer we discovered Lyme. She is now in six grade and after 3 years of treatment is doing very well.
  2. Hi Mama2alex Thanks for the great info. We live in San Diego. See a natural path in pismo beach. Not sure if he can sign the medical exempt form. Maybe I can search for a LL M.D. down here that would work with us on the situation. If you have any names in this area that would be great No IEP. Not sure what it takes to get one. She does great in school. Only her teachers know that she has Lyme. I know I wish we could still do the personal belief. she will be in seventh grade next year that's the next checkpoint. Told my husband we're moving to Hawaii ha ha !!! Thanks mary;)
  3. Thanks checking into to see if I can test for titers. What's crazy is she has had five of the DT AP vaccine. What's crazy is she has had five of the DTaP vaccine is the new one is required for seventh grade
  4. My daughter is due to start seventh grade next year. Because of the new vaccine law in California she will not be able to go to public school unless she gets the tdap required for seventh-grade entrance She is healthy and doing well however she does have Lyme. I'm afraid to do the vaccine and mess with her immune system. Not sure if she can have a medical exemption. And not sure if her pediatrician would even consider that a medical reason Anyone has information or suggestion that would be greatly appreciated Thanks mary
  5. Hi there My daughter had a rash that covered her torso and legs. Almost looked like Scarlet fever It ended up being Lyme. Diagnosed two years later. We live in California where no one even knows what Lyme is.
  6. Thank you so much for posting this. I am so happy to read your DS is doing great. I am also proud of you as a parent for sticking by your child through this. I have a daughter with Lyme who is also doing well. It has been a long road for us as well. It is so nice to read what you posted thank you so much
  7. Yes she first tested pos for Bart. Neg for Lyme through lab corp. finally tested through igenex for lyme. She tested positive. Still under mild natural herbal treatment. Doing great. Most symptoms resolved. If your dd has had several tick bites. I would test using igenex. Also glaxay labs for Bart testing great Mary
  8. Yes everyone is right. Keep calling back. Dr T is amazing. He did order a zillion blood test for my daughter. When I brought the list into our pediatrician he thought I was crazy. Especially the Bartonella and lymes. Most of her blood work looked great. Lymes through lab corp was negative. But the bartonella test was positive. All through college I worked for an veterinary hospital. The vet I worked for said I should pursue the Bartonella positive test and it can cause psych symptoms. Then we finally got an igenex test and found Lyme. After that did another phone consult with Dr t.
  9. Hi there It is an infrared Mat made of amethyst crystals. Used for inflammation, relaxation, detox. Anxiety and many other things. If you google Biomat, lots of stuff comes up. We first used it at the Hansa center. It heats up, so nice and relaxing to lay on. Might help with her sleep.
  10. We use beyond balance cal k and cal k detox. If you go to their website they have other detox options. Perkana detox are great. They are a kit with three that you take together. We used these in beginning of treatment. apo-HEPAT (50 ml) ITIRES (50 ml) and RENELIX (50 ml) Also Biomat. They are expensive. But worth it. Infrared sauna Foot bath
  11. Hi sf mom, Are the earthing bands and pillow like the imrs mat, pemf mat. We have one, but I never used it one her. I use the Biomat and our infrared Sauna. She's doing great! Under the care of dr T in pismo beach. Natural path Mary
  12. Marcons are antibiotic resistant nasal staph. Are you using nasal spray or mouth spray. I thought it worked great for my dd 11. I was very worried about using silver. But have read that argentyn 23 is very safe. My dd had bartonella and lymes. And her main symptom was intrusive thoughts. With treatment she is so much better. They hardly ever come up anymore. When we finally started to treat the marcons, that's when I saw the big jump in improvement. Also did urine neurotransmitter test. Used gabatrex and now she is on serotrex. This helped too Let me know if you have any more questions
  13. Hi there are you talking about argentyn 23? We used nasal spray to treat marcons. Saw good improvement in mood and happiness. Did not see die off. But started at end of treatment. For detox I do like beyond balance cla k and cla k detox. Also to help detox like in fared sauna and Biomat.
  14. Yes we have done this test a couple times. First time her glutamate was way high. I cut out as much glutamate as possible. Pharm cheese, tomatoes and msg. There's a list online of foods to avoid. Plus we gave gabatrex. It helped a little. Did test again and showed glutamate now within normal range. Others where off now. Can't remember what they where don't test in front of me. But now they recommended serotrex. This helped more than the gabatrex. She only gets 1/2 tablet once a day.
  15. Dr T the pediatric neurologist in New Jersey looks at many triggers for pans. I did a few phone consults with him. He is so great. He ordered about 20 blood test for my dd. This is how we found bartonella. Her lymes was negative through labcorp. But later she tested positive for lymes through igenex. Dr.T does not really know how to treat lymes. But gave me some names. I did not use his recommendations.
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