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  1. I just count letters in words and they have to give me an even number and if they dont i will add words to them till i get an even number. I want to ask you is this something that you do all the times or have you noticed that there are days in wich they are not so strong and you might do it less and sometimes not at all? I have another tic for example if im walking ona side walk and there are lines on it that divide the cement block i make sure my left foot steps on them before my right foot , so i will time my steps to make sure my left foot goes on it first, BUT if i know someone behind m
  2. I get this has well, i think its a way of testing my self and i believe that its normal , the problem is that we suffer of OCD so we make a big deal out of it and it sticks with us for longer. I seriously think most mans had or pictured them selfes sleeping with another man even tough they are not homosexual , i guess inside they are tryng to test theyr sexuality. This reminds me of hypocondria , a guy reads about deseases and starts to think he has those deseases , or you see a show on TV about a killer and you start to think you are a killer etc.... From most posts i seen on this thread i
  3. Yes i do this all the times =/ and sometimes i even hold my breath wile im counting the letters and i have to make sure that the word/letter im counting give me an even number and if they dont ill add other letters to them till i get an even number , other wise i feel like something bad will happen to me in the long run if i dont do this.I have actually gotten so good at this lol that i can just look at most words for a sec and no exactly how much letters there are in them or i can walk in a room take a quick look inside and most of the times i can tell exactly how many people are in the room.
  4. I have been suffering of OCD since i was a kid , has far back has i can remeber and my father suffered of ocd has well. At first i had minor tics but with the years they have gotten much worst to the point that they are controlling my life. I havent gotten any help for them because i dont believe there is anything out there or anyone that can really give me a concrete solution to this problem and to this day i believe that the only person that can solve this issue is my self. I am not gona go into details about all the different tics i have also because they have changed during the years th
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