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  1. Your story is exactly my story!!! The good news is you will get help fast and won't be waiting for years and get wrong diagnoses that will hurt your dd! Rages (I mean the attacking and hurting others out of the blue) are usually associated with lyme I think. Get to a PANS specialist and a Lyme specialist. Can you travel to St. Louis? If so, Dr. Tracy Fritz is the whole ball of wax! One stop for food, allergy, stool, infections, lyme, etc! If you want the Michigan Doctors just ask to join the private Facebook page for pandas support. Pm me if you can't get to it. Kristen the moderator is wonder
  2. Considering plasmapherisis for my daughters (3 with PANS 13,11,10), oldest dd worst rages. All homebound again after some IVIG success. Powwow, I would love to hear about the additional testing that led you to an additional autoimmune dx. I still feel like we have not gotten to the bottom of this nightmare we are fighting x 3! Not sure how to private message. Thank you for sharing your plasmapherisis experience.
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