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  1. Found great article with the help of many. Fluorescent immunohistochemistry demonstrated specific binding to large striatal neurons. Antistreptococcal serologies (both ASO and ant- DNAse also were significantly elevated in the subjects. MRI showed hyperintense lesions on unenhanced T2 scans. (T1 sequences were normal.)Eight of 10 children had lesions of basal ganglia,including caudate, putamen, and globus pallidus. Other deep gray structures, as well as supratentorial white matter, brainstem, cerebellum, and cord were involved in some cases (Dale et al., 2001). Although they were quite
  2. Hello! I have to add that diet AND nutrition are key for our immune system. My sister who is over 40 has had PANS/PANDAS but never knew it. She lives a life of high fructose sodas, crackers (because she also has IBS) and very little sleep due to here OCD rituals around sleeping. Her mood swings lead to many people, including myself, to shun her because we thought the doctors/traditional meds should have sorted her out. And she just didn't care about herself. Yes, shame on me. I did not know any better at the time, but I could not handle to drama. Alas, fast forward 30 years, our DS14 start
  3. Thank you very much. First, as another post suggested I/Dr. Lewis tested him for Lyme. It was negative. If the lesion is simply scarring (or other and not cancerous) then I guess I have proof that he actually has/had/will have PANDAS/PANS. Sounds odd to say that, but may need to prove my case for future treatment from traditional local doctor when we are unable to travel to Columbus. I have to explain this to him, friends, family, doctors, social workers, future teachers (he is home schooled at the moment), coaches, and most importantly future partner (and their family). I am trying to mak
  4. What are the implications of a lesion on the basal ganglia? This is where I am starting from. What ARE the implications? If I found out anything, I will be sure to follow up (after we rule out TB or other). New to the forum. Sorry about the reply in the wrong place.
  5. Dr. Lewis Columbus, Ohio. Great mid-west Integrative pediatrician. A team player (with PC who doesn't believe in PANDAS) and a great communicator. Quick responses to emails and inquiries. 2 hour first appointment. Ordered labs same day. Easy patient portal on lab results. Sells supplements on sight. My DS14 couldn't handle capsule 'smell' and was given advice to put cinnamon in the bottles. http://www.integrativepediatricsofohio.com/
  6. First off, I don't want to frighten anyone. My DS14 had an MRI referral when a traditional doc didn't know what to do(except wanted to mask symptoms with meds)when I told her of his symptoms- ocd, depression, tics, loss of math skills, emotional upset, and on. In the meantime, found a fabulous doctor in Columbus, Dr. Lewis, and started treating his infection(s), plus adding supplements for under-methylation (gene mutation), low D, Pyrroles, etc. He has had great results so far. I still had the MRI scheduled (took 8 weeks)and thought what the heck, let's see what the MRI shows...a 7mm lesion
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