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  1. he is going to speech therapy and just started ot he loves it.
  2. my son loves to suck his shirts he keeps it in his mouth and sometimes falls asleep with it in his mouth. he was not a thumb sucker. is it maybe a comfort issue for him??he is 4 years old..
  3. hi my name is sandy and i have 5 kids.. my youngest is 4 and he has austism. he is non verbal and very active.. he is in speech therapy now but not talking they are no even trying to get him to talk. they are doing the picture thing with him they show him a pictue of a toy and if he gives them the right picture he gets the toy. he can handel it for maybe 10 minutes then he gets cranky.
  4. my son is 4 and he is autistic i also think hes a hyper child. hes always on the go from the time he wakes up till the time he goes to sleep.. he does not talk but he is always moving.. and into something he is slowley driving me crazy... hes the prettyest little boy but cant say a word. i also have a 9 year old boy who is ADD they have different dads.
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