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  1. Thank you PR40 and LLM for your helpful replies. I have found a practitioner that is going to help me get through the methylation info and guide me on supplements. Despite reading heart fixer several times, I am still confused. There are too many if this, then that, but nothing that matches mine exactly. So interesting to find the connection ons between Pandas, methylation, and gut issues. This forum is awesome!
  2. Hello. If anyone has any advice for me, I would greatly appreciate it. My PANDAS daughter and I (celiac and autoimmunity) now have our results back from 23andME, and Genetic Genie, but very confused about what to do. Surprisingly we had no MTHFR mutations, but did have lots of others. Am specifically worried about an upcoming surgery I need, and I don't do well with anesthesia. It messes with my memory-specifically word retrieval, and even remembering details of events or conversations just had is still an issue 6 mos. out. Here are my mutations: homozygous mutations: MAO-A R297R
  3. We have very low IGM and low IGA. Haven't done any follow up testing, so not sure what it is called. Thought it went hand in hand with PANDAS.
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