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  1. Hey, Paul. Welcome! I saw your site and it's great. Always looking for resources myself. LKay
  2. LKay

    iep links

    Sorry I don't get this. I looked at the IEP link--do you mean attach your kids behavior charts to the IEP? Or are you suggesting we read something special on the page you gave? Thanks. Sounds like with all the education cuts going on we are going to need all the help we can get with the IEP! LKay
  3. Just have to say THANKS! I work in an elementary school and have been sharing these charts with teachers. One of them ran out and wanted more and I couldn't find the link to them. I wrote to acn@Latitudes.org and Sheila wrote back with it and I found more than last time. Teachers love them. Great service. Are more coming?! Will be hoping for more when school starts in the fall!! BTW, now I know the charts can be found by looking at the very bottom of the latitudes site. Just find the frog! Loraine
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