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  1. My son will be 5 in February. He developed tics shortly after his 4 yr check up and immunizations. Our original thought was that they were caused by the immunizations but then we began to see a correlation between his tics and fever. His tics varied in intensity and duration but we noticed whenever he had a fever they would be more pronounced. Within 5 months, he tested positive for strep 3 times. He was tic and fever free from August up until this past weekend. For the past 4 days he has had a low grade fever (99-100) and we have noticed an occasional tic. Nothing major but we assume because his fever is low, so are the tics. I took him to the pediatrician this morning and they tested him for the flu and strep and they both came back negative for the in office swab test. The Dr. gave me a script for blood work so that we can measure his strep titters but she wants me to wait for 2-3 weeks so that this bug that he has passes. She believes that the longer we wait, the more accurate the results will be. Since he tested negative for strep, shouldn't I get the blood work now so that we can see if his numbers are elevated for strep / carrier?
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