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  1. Zinto, I have a son that started having tics quite suddenly.He has been diagnosed with pandas.Im not sure if you are familiar with this disorder but pandas network.org has some good information. My sons tics have disappeared with antibiotics and a t & a.
  2. Exactly one year ago my 9 yr old son started suffering daily headaches. He would repeatedly move his head and neck from side to side and explained to me that his neck felt tense and the movement relieved the feeling. I thought the movements were a product of the headaches but when I saw a Neurologist she mentioned the movement was probably just a tic not related to the headache. I did not pay much attention to her comment as my focus was at the time to help him find relief for the headaches. I did not want him on the anti hypertensive medication she recommended for the headaches so she told me there was not much she could help me with. We went home and I began to help him find ways of coping with pain. Six months later (still daily headaches)he began stretching his right arm often. When I asked him why, he simply stated it felt good. Stretching does feel good so I did not worry too much. Three months ago I saw him puff out his belly a few times in a row, I asked him about it and again he stated that his tummy area felt "tight" and puffing out his belly "felt good". That is when a red flag went up for me. He was now periodically moving the neck, stretching the arm and puffing out the belly. I began to do research on tics. What I read scared me silly. Then I noticed my youngest (5 yrs old.) started to display a tic about a week ago . He opens his mouth wide every once in a while. I am feeling overwhelmed with worry but really believe I must continue to research until I get to the bottom of this. Their tics do not interfere with their lives and are not very noticeable at this point. They are not displaying any symptoms of the conditions that sometimes accompany Tic disorders like ADD or OCD and have no learning disabilities. I purchased the Kindle edition of Natural Treatments for Tics & Tourette's: A Patient and Family Guide and just last night finished chapter two. I would like them to see an environmental doctor but cannot seem to find one in my area that mentions working with tic disorders. Does anyone know of a good one in the DFW area? I live in North Fort Worth but am willing to travel to Dallas or surrounding areas if need be. Sorry for the long post! Thanks,
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