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    Getting my seven year old son with PANDAS better!

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  1. I would love to get the info on where you order this milk if you would not mind. My seven year old son has PANDAS and we are doing supplements and oral baygam to build up his immune system. It sounds like this would be a nice addition.



  2. Hi. I am from Richmond and have a seven year old just diagnosed with PANDAS. Where are you from and which doctors do you use?



  3. Hi Lacy. My name is Paige. We live in Richmond also. Seven year old son Owen diagnosed in Sept. How did your visit go? Do you recommend those docs? We go to Dr. Mary Megson. How has your treatment gone so far? I would love to discuss everything we are doing. So far he is better, but still has motor tics and still moody. We are doing gfcf diet and that is his biggest complaint.


  4. We use a DAN doctor named Mary Megson who is awesome but cannot get untouched with her outside of her office either. I may look into seeing Dr. B but right now my insurance does not accept the diagnosis. I am getting ready to start a fight with them...or losing battle maybe. But am atleast going to try to fight. Thanks again Pam.

  5. Hello. My name is Paige. I have a seven year old son with PANDAS. We live in Richmond,Va. Where are you and would you mind telling me which doctors you use?


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