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  1. Hi, my names skyler. i am seventeen and i have had a mild whole body tic for around two years now. it would very rearly happen more than 1-2 times a day. in the last two weeks it has progressed massivly. my shoulders are "shrugging" and twisting to my right violently and my head moves with it. this is happening several times a minuite. it dosnt seem to happen at all when im playing an instrament OR driving. i dont feel it comming but once its happend i feel a sence of relife. somthimes i can concentrate vary hard and supress it but i begin to feel strange until i tic again. Iv read that it could be tuorrets butu its unlikly show show itself at this age. people have suggested that it may be nearves touching in my neck. any information on this would be greatly recived. im getting really depressed over it now, its becoming a real issue and is very noticable, i have just began my first term at college and its not what i want people to have as a first impression.
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