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  1. I've been trying to gather as much info to help my 6 yr old daughter that started picking her eyelashes and one eyebrow less than a month ago (upper eyelashes from both eyes are almost completely picked). Before finding your forum, I've been googling PANDAS and IVIG. I really think there is a good chance that she has PANDAS or PANS; and I'm hoping that IVIG will heal my little girl. What I need to know is from those of you that IVIG has helped and stopped the pulling what dosage/frequency for IVIG did you use? If IVIG can help her, I want to try to get it right the first time. My older son had terrible tics for 2 1/2 yrs (he was 14 yrs old at the time it started). I was sure he was a PANS kid. We had tried several antibiotics. One of them, cut the tics by 50%. Which sounds like a lot but my son was still so miserable? But I knew I was on the right track. Finally, his doctor said let's try Minocycline. I don't really see any info on Minocycline used for PANDAS or PANS but it worked (it was a miracle). After a few days my son started having less tics. After about one month time, the tics were basically gone. We stayed on the antibiotic for about 3 to 4 months. When we went off of it, the tics started to come back. When back on the Minocycline again. It's been awhile now since he has been off of it and the tics haven't come back. I know I have to watch him close because whatever caused it (bacterial or viral) could always show up again. My daughter is too young to put on Minocycline and that's what lead me to IVIG. Another question besides dosage, did you have to use an antibiotic with IVIG to get recovery? Thanks for your input.
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