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  1. I had to reply to this post because I have some pretty serious reactions to avocados and eggs also. i'm 21 and it started when i was in my early teens and i had no idea what the problem was. finally i was at a restaurant and had a salad with avocado-ranch dressing and i had a reaction where i couldn't even swallow my own spit. my esophagus is very sensitive and whenever i eat avocado or egg-whites i get horrible, horrible indigestion to the extent that my spit gets very thick and i can't swallow anything. the solution is to burp, a lot. finally after lots of burping my esophagus loosens and i'm able to swallow again. its extremely uncomfortable and lasts for several hours to an entire day. i had an allergy test done once where they drew blood and figured it that way. the results were that i was allergic to milk and egg whites (among many other things). not sure how avocados connect with milk or egg whites but the same esophageal issues happen. i take nexium everyday to help with the issues and i avoid the stimulants at all costs. i drank a protein shake after the gym today and didn't realize it had milk and egg in it so i'm struggling pretty bad right now. if anyone else has this indigestion/esophagus problem let me know!! P.S. egg beaters have no effect on me. i dont know why but they are safe.
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