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  1. Random question, but does he swallow air a lot as a habit??
  2. Yes, we have. She is awesome. We have seen so many docs that seemed rushed and don't really answer any questions. She spent almost 2 hours with us and really seems to care and know her stuff. Great recommendations on diet, supplements, etc. Good luck.
  3. Hey man, Went through something similar this past September. Question, when the ###### seemed to hit the fan out of nowhere, was there any kind of sickness that preceded it all like a virus, cold, vomiting, anything? For us, our daughter had vocal hums/throat clearing along with eye rolling and a bit of head jerking at one point. It all came out of nowhere for us after she just came home from school one day and fell asleep at 5:00PM with a fever. She vomited and was sick for about 2 weeks after that and the whole onslaught of tics followed along with a huge personality change, obsessions, anger, tantrums, etc. Long long road since September. We've been to every kind of doctor you can imagine. I may have more advice or leads based on your response to the above. Or maybe you're experiencing something else. On an upswing.... tics aside... your boy seems like a great kid and with time this shall pass! I'll follow up with some stuff that has seemed to work for us on another follow up post but I'm interested to hear your answer to my main question above.
  4. Im curious... I see this over and over again about how everyone seems to correlate yeast. But how do you even know if there is a yeast problem? I asked my pediatrician about this too and he said unless her stools are white or she has rashes that there is no yeast. He seems to believe or care about nothing. I need to find someone else. The joint pain is another thing we had happen a few days BEFORE we started augmentin. My daughter said her knee hurt. She didn't injure it in any way, it just hurt and she was limping around for 3-4 days. It is fine now. There was no swelling. How do you go about finding out if there is a yeast issue? Where/How do you even go about "treating the gut? I can deal with everything else, we just wish so bad this vocal tic would go away so she can go back to school. It's so frequent and distracting now that there is no way she could be in a classroom at this point
  5. Thanks guys, Yes, Dr. T is awesome. He said our next step was to find a Lyme specialist and Integrative Doctor near where we live, which we did but she's booked here until January 27th. I need some type of advice before then so today I have a phone consult with a Dr. who was a contributing writer to a book on Lyme I found. He's in San Francisco. We're in Orange County, CA. We are using probiotics. I'm giving her 2 of these per day: http://www.jarrow.com/product/535/Jarro-Dophilus_Allergen-Free and 2 of these per day: http://www.jarrow.com/product/265/Saccharomyces_Boulardii_MOS She's also taking cod liver oil and the liquid natural calm vitamin. Switched to GF/CF diet about 45 days ago although it hasn't seemed to make any difference in anything Can't wait to see what the lyme doc has to say today.
  6. Also forgot to mention... I've read that Augmentin causes fungal overgrowth in your intestines, etc. If there is an underlying fungus issue that's causing everything, could the Augmentin be making it worse?
  7. We are in 911 mode at this point. Quick history (i've posted elsewhere). Early September: Lethargic, Fell asleep at 5PM, High fever at night 1 week later: Complete personality change, anger, rage, mean, anxiety Vocal Tics develop Weeks that follow: Motor tics (mostly eye rolling, delayed blinking) Behavior Issues Continue through October. November: Tics stay, not as strong. Dr. T tests revealed early lyme: IgM positive for 23, 41 Our pediatrician says its not lyme, high probability of false positive, etc. We started her on Augmentin 400mg twice a day from Dr. T this past Saturday. All of her bad behaviors came back. Her vocal tic is so bad, worst ever, 40 a minute at least. mmmph mmmph deep from the lungs grunting like a laugh sound. Have to pull her from school. Do these symptoms confirm lyme since the Augmentin seems to have quadrupled the tics? I don't know what to think anymore. Dr. T says might be lyme, lets treat it. Local peditricians have no clue or say its probably false and it cant be lyme. My head is going to explode.
  8. Does anyone know of a good immunologist that specializes in PANDAS/PANS in California? Preferably in Orange County, but we're 1 hour from Los Angeles as well. We went to an ENT at CHOC who thinks we should see an immunologist but did not know if any of the immunologists from CHOC would be interested in taking our case on or not. Still hoping to hear back but its been a week. Thank you!
  9. Yeah same dentist. We've booked another appt to have it checked out. I've been saving the floss every night in a scrap book. Each time a black reside/granule is left on the floss near that crown. So strange.
  10. I'm hoping someone might have some medical answers to this. I'm waiting back to hear from a dentist but am jumping the gun. Some months ago I noticed that while flossing my 6 1/2 year old daughter's teeth every night, the tooth she has a crown on would leave some black residue or even a tiny black spec on the floss. I thought it was strange so 2 months later (about 6 weeks ago) I asked her dentist. He said it sounded like it's just food. I said it's black every time. He said that it's probably just dried blood. It is definitely not dried blood. I have been paranoid that her PANDAS symptoms may be caused by some type of metal leaking from the crown. But after digging in deeper I started to come across the possibility of a cavity developing underneath the crown. Then found that "tooth decay" can indeed be black and that it's possible to leak out from the crown. What I found next kind of made my stomach drop, that "Dental Caries" or cavities/tooth decay is "an infection, bacterial in origin." and... The bacteria most responsible for dental cavities are: Streptococcus Mutans Streptococcus Sobrinus Candida Albicans Lactobacilli Now I know those forms of strep are in everyone's mouth (from what I've read) but COULD it be possible that this "black" tooth decay is leaking out and causing my daughter's: Vocal Tics (non stop throat clearing, grunting) Motor Tics (Eye blinking, rolling) Rage Major Mood Swings I appreciate any thoughts or advice in this matter. I have started to keep the floss from each night and taped it to a paper inside of a plastic sheet. You can clearly see blood on some next to the black stuff and they are completely unique. This is not blood I am dealing with. Thank you!!
  11. We're still trying to get to the bottom of our 6 year old DD's vocal tics. One strange thing we've noticed that came about at the exact same time was under arm, armpit odor (BO). Like strong and potent. Also on a random note, her hair almost always smells like urine. Always has. But the armpit thing is new and its come about just as strong as the vocal tics... at the same time. I'm wondering if anyone has heard of this because so far each doctor we've told doesn't seem to think much of it. Thanks
  12. She had a blood test about 10 days ago. The strep was negative. Never had a throat culture though. The pediatrician never examined her to this date. He just dismissed the tic as a common thing kids do and coupled with the anxiety said to visit a psychiatrist.
  13. I am going to setup a phone consult with Dr. T on recommendation from some other posts. Very eager to get some professional advice on this.
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