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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies, Luca came home from school yesterday and told me that the girl who sits next to him in class had told him that he was really rude waving his hands about all over the place and that he should stop being so silly. Luca is a very gentle boy and he always likes to do the right thing so he told me he sat on his hands all afternoon because he didn't want to be rude and silly and then he asked me if I could make it stop. Broke my heart. So I am reading Sheila's book, have an appointment to see an allergist to test for chemical and food allergies and we've s
  2. Hello Everyone, It has been fairly obvious to me that since about the age of 2 my little boy has had what I used to call 'funny little habits'. His habits or tics as I'll call them now would come for a couple of months and then go away for a month or so to be replaced by a new one. He started with blinking, then shrugging with a head bob backwards, then wiping along both of his arms as if wiping off dust, and now Luca's most recent tic and his strongest has been affecting him almost on a continuous basis for the past 6 months - he lifts his arms up, spreads his fingers and shakes them aro
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