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  1. Oh this is so helpful! I will definitely be doing this tonight. Thank you!
  2. What is a motor planning issue? I'm going to Google it now, but thought I would ask here too! Thank you!
  3. Hi- It's been a while since my son has had any type of flare up. Seems like lately he may be in a mild one. One thing I'm noticing that I'm wondering if others notice as well is it seems he has decreased strength in his hands. He is 11, and struggling to open yogurt, can't tie his shoes, can't cut a pork chop last night at dinner (and I know they weren't that tough! My twin 9 year olds were able to cut them!). Does anyone else see this lack of strength in flare ups? I'm struggling to determine if we are in a flare or if this is starting-middle-school-jitters or what. Thoughts? Thank you in advance!
  4. My son has PITAND. Yesterday my husband was diagnosed with Kleine Levin's Syndrome. Both are neurological and have triggers that set them off. Kleine Levins can be triggered by a virus. I refuse to ignore the similarity between the two. I HATE THIS, but I won't let it define my family. I will fight for the beautiful people I know my son and husband are. I know they're in there somewhere.
  5. In hindsight, I believe my son's first symptoms of PANDAS was frequent urination. I took him to doc thinking it was a UTI. It wasn't. They checked for diabetes and sent his urine off for culture just to make sure the rapid UTI test was correct. Long story short- he has had times where he urinates frequently an then times when he doesn't. One thing I've noticed is that when he is frequently urinating his urine has a horrible odor to it. I've taken him to the pediatrician and they've done more testing. The only thing the pediatrician came up with was that his PH of his urine was high. Anyone have any insight on this?
  6. I will be seeing Dr. Amber Stocco at Texas Childrens on Dec. 17. My son is newly exhibiting symptoms. We went to pediatrician today with my "PANDAS evidence" in hand. He had heard of PANDAS and said that he felt he had some kids who did have PANDAS (this was encouraging to me because it led me to believe he does think its real.) But- in the same conversation, he said the HEAD of TExas Childrens neurology doesn't believe PANDAS exists. Soooo- I'm a bit lost. I don't want to go to a doctor that is 100% for or against PANDAS. I just want a good diagnosis for my son. Dr. Stocco is fairly young, so I'm hoping that she isn't the HEAD of the dept. and that she is more open to PANDAS. I'm also hoping my pedi wouldn't refer me to someone knowing they didn't believe in it. We shall see. I will update how it went at TCH as soon as we have our appt.
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