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  1. We haven't treated yeast...yet. Its a new one for us. I have heard that when the yeast is dying it can really cause itching! That would be beyond terrible if he got itchier as we treat, he will literally go insane if he gets any worse. What happened, if anything, to your DS when he treated the yeast? My DS does seem to get worse itching as the day goes on, but we think it's due to his tireing out and not being able to disconnect from it as well as he can after he's well rested. How did Dr. treat, w/ Fluconazole? We see her tomorrow, will definately be a topic we hit. Yes, fluconazole
  2. Wow, you already got some great advice from the other moms and I would follow up with that if I were you, but I wanted to add my own experience with yeast. When my 3rd baby was just born it hurt to nurse on one side, and soon became unbearable. I had no other symptoms of yeast. I had not been on antibiotics. Within 2 days it was so excruciating that I had to go on fluconazole for 2 weeks for mastitis. But as soon as I went off then, the symptoms started to return. A nipple itch, and it was slightly red. Then pain with nursing. I had to be on fluconazole for 4 more weeks. Everytime I tried stopping it, the symptoms returned. We treated the baby, too, and it didn't help. After a few months I was finally able to get off it, but I had to take a Critical Care probiotic from Whole Foods every day. If I missed a day, symptoms would start to return. I'm looking into this as part of my dd's treatment, and Dr. T does prescribe high-dose antifungals as empirical therapy. FYI I know some kids take nystatin but there is alot of resistant candida to nystatin. I guess it's another avenue to look into. Good luck to you
  3. The only adverse effect she had was increased thirst.
  4. I would like to try this. Please PM me when you get a chance. Thank you very much in advance
  5. BMT is bone marrow transplant. ...taking notes regarding Ronal McDonald house as I am considering this for dd when she (hopefully) gets to a point where she can be helped by CBT
  6. Unbelievable. As if the child is not suffering enough already!
  7. We are in the middle of trying acyclovir. So far it hasn't helped symptoms. My dd is also very high with cocksakie so I was willing to try. We will be changing next to another antibiotic cocktail. Even though it didn't necessarily work for her, I am happy to have tried it, to have ruled another infectious cause out. Anything that lessens the burden on her immune system is a plus in my book. We are still in crisis and trying to find anything that will improve her. Good luck to you
  8. Knowing what you're dealing with is half the battle. It's alot of bloodwork, but it's worth it. Good luck
  9. Dd is 9 and just learned. We tried tic tacs first. It took a few days of trying without any pressure. Then when she started hating the taste of the medicines, she was determined. Now she's really proud of herself for being able to do it.
  10. Yep - Augmentin definately discolors quicker if left unfridgerated. Unfortunately we learned this from experience
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