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  1. Hi, I am new to this forum and am hoping that someone out there maybe able to help us. My son had an abrupt onset of several tics last October we took him to the pediatrician and showed her a video, she ran a strep test that came back positive. She said she believed it to be PANDAS and sent us to a neurologist the next 6 months where complete ###### for him and us. His personality changed from a fun loving happy boy to self consiece child that was failing 1st grade and was scared to be alone and started having temper tantrums. He was confused most of the time and started having some OCD rituals. Finally after several courses of antibiotics the symptoms slowly started to diminesh. He had a recurrence of tics only with an ear infection and exposure to the flu. If the OCD symptoms where present they where minor and nothing like when he had strep. Over the summer he was mostly symptom free except a throat tic. He's been in school for a month now and this past Friday when I picked him up I saw an eye tic, that has continued. We took him to the pediatrician with a list of diagnostic test from the PANDASNETWORK.org site. She ran many of them. The results came back that he recently has not been exposed to anything but the allergy portion of the test came back high. She also said that the test did show that he has had microplasma P, mono and strep in the past, not sure how long ago. she also mentioned that his white blood cell count was fine and that other counts showed him immune system is working the way it should. My question is are allergies a trigger? And if so would his blood test came back with an elevated white blood cell count or wouldnt the immunty portion of the test have been elevated? Could this not be PANDAS related but anxiety? He is a perfectionist and does have anxiety. Thanks to anyone that can help. We live in Atlanta, the doctors here while they believe in PANDAS are not very helpful in diagnosing it. They have all told me that we will treat the symptoms as they pop up. This is FRUSTRATING!! We still are not sure that it's PANDAS. Meanwhile I'm scared of him getting sick or my daughter coming home with an illness.
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